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Your Systems are PERFECT(…for the Results You’re Getting)

The results you’re getting right now in your career—and in your life—are exactly the right results…of the systems you’ve created.

If you’re not making or saving enough money, if you feel overwhelmed, or if things are just too hard, it is not because YOU are flawed—it’s because the methods you’ve implemented, by which you do your business and spend your days, are perfect at yeilding these effects.

Through most of my young-adult life, I had a flawless system for being broke.  It worked simply and fully, just as it was designed: Earn money, spend more than you earn; earn more money, spend more than that.  Earn even more money, spend even more…and so on and so on in pristine functionality.

The system I designed for being broke worked perfectly.  It gave me precisely the result it was designed to create.

If you want a different result in your life, you have to create a new system—one that will get you that result—and start to use it.

For the past few months, I have been working with Burt, who I wrote about at the end of August.  To recap, after our second or third session, he called me concerned that the new work we were doing was not going to be effective.  His worry had been spurred by members of his peer group, who were encouraging him to stick to the systems they all had been using.

“Burt,” I asked him, “Are any of the people in your peer group making significantly more money than you are?”

“No,” he responded, “One of the reasons we all meet is that we’re all at about the same level.”

“What if all of the things you’ve been doing up until now got you all to that same level, but no higher?” I posed.

The systems he and his peers had learned were perfect for the results they were all getting.  As I pushed forward with Burt, I encouraged him to see that if he wanted to get to a higher level, he needed a different system.

Once we started creating better systems for delighting existing clients and acquiring new ones, Burt’s business began to grow beyond those of his peers.  He had his best August earnings ever, followed by a fantastic September.  October already appears to be another month in which he will beat the goals he has set for himself.

Since I coach professionals to be comfortable asking for referrals, last week, I asked Burt if he was ready to introduce me to his peer group.

“Not just yet,” he replied.  “I want them to see how far ahead of them I’ve gotten first.”

If your business systems are perfect for getting you poor or mediocre results, and those aren’t the results you want, let me help you design and implement a system to replace the ones you’ve been working with for far too long.


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