You don’t need a coach…you need results!

Hi, I’m Sandy Schussel.

I coach leaders and top performers.  While many of my clients are financial and insurance professionals, their business or profession is not really important.  What IS important is their confidence, their satisfaction, their biggest dreams and biggest fears.

If you’re a top performer—or on your way to being one—you are driven to make a difference, to make a contribution, to create.  And you’ve already achieved at a high level, but you want more.

See if any of these challenges fits you:

  • You’ve done well, but you KNOW you can do much better.
  • You’ve gone further than you ever dreamed, but you still feel empty and unfulfilled.
  • You’re actually bored with your success. You could earn what you’re earning with your eyes closed and you don’t feel challenged.
  • You’re not lonely, but you can’t help feeling very much alone.
  • You’re exhausted. But you’re afraid if you stop working so hard and for so many hours, it will all collapse, or
  • You know that people admire what you’ve accomplished, but you actually feel lazy and guilty that you’re not working harder.
  • You’re surrounded by people who say YES to you and it’s making you crazy. You’re yearning for someone to stand up to you, challenge you, and give you honest feedback.
  • The success you’ve had hasn’t solved your problems as you hoped it would. It has just created higher level problems

Let me help you dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed and take the tiny steps that it will take to make those dreams come true.

The clients I work with don’t need a coach.  They want results.  They want a change.  They want more. They have bigger dreams than most people and they haven’t made them come true—yet.

Share your biggest dream
Or your biggest fear
And we’ll change your world. Forever.

If you make an impact in the world (or you are ready to) and you are curious what it would be like to be prosperous in every area of your life, let’s spend some time in a deep conversation.

If this sounds like you, contact me and let’s talk about your biggest goals and challenges, and what’s standing in your way.

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