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Executive Performance Coaching, Sales Training,
Workshops and Motivational Speaking

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02217ca1 "I engaged Sandy because my business, although successful, had stopped growing.  I considered pursuing another professional credential but quickly realized that wasn’t going to be the spark I was looking for.  After an introductory conversation I felt Sandy was not only sincerely interested in helping me but very qualified as well, so I hired him on the spot.  Sandy is thoughtful, talented, insightful, and skilled at getting to the heart of the matter.  I’ve learned to slow down and ask more questions to gently lead people to realize they need what I have to offer, without telling them so directly.  My business is growing again and I’m having much more fun.  Thank you, Sandy, for your insights and your caring.  I’m grateful for all you have done for me."

~ Kenneth A. Armstrong, Management Advisor, Northwestern Mutual

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