You’re past the days of struggling, but you want to break through to something much bigger…


      • Making it to MDRT ‘Court’ or ‘Top of the Table’
      • A Million Dollars in production
      • A 4-day workweek
      • Top Honors in your company
      • Making the list in Barron’s or Forbes
      • Growing a huge Agency
      • Getting top dollar for your book
      • Starting or acquiring another business


What if just ONE 60-minute conversation could bring you that breakthrough?


One Idea.

One change in perspective.

One insight that turns your incremental growth into exponential growth.

What if you could…

  • Free up hours so that you can do more important work?

  • Get more out of your people?

  • Communicate more powerfully to avoid and resolve conflicts and miscommunications?

  • Fix failed systems, potentially dangerous compliance issues and other challenges?

  • Get more production and more control over your expenses, and

  • Have more fun in your business and the creative energy to grow it?




Hi. I’m Sandy Schussel.

I’ve spent the last 20 years coaching financial and insurance professionals at every level.  All came with challenges relating to growing their businesses, and I’ve been able to successfully help them.

If you’re willing to invest an hour of your time in a deep honest conversation to see if we can make something amazing happen, I’ll set aside the time to talk with you. That’s what I do.

What Happens During Our Time Together?

We’ll discuss the outcomes that you want in your business–and in your life–and identify your biggest challenges. Then, we’ll work on at least one of those challenges and come up with some strategies to get you past it.

And I won’t sell you anything. We will not have a discussion about working together in a coaching program unless YOU want to have that discussion. No sales…just help. If you find what we’ve done helpful, you can ask me about a coaching program, but that’s up to you.

Whatever you decide, our one conversation will be extremely valuable to you.

Sandy interviews Court and Top of the Table Qualifiers

Why am I making this offer?

In an industry where we’re trained to believe that every conversation with someone new is a prospecting conversation, this may seem counter-intuitive.  I don’t have meetings to sell my services. I have conversations to serve. Every conversation with an industry leader is an opportunity for me to help him or her. It continues to build my reputation and ultimately leads me to clients who want to work with me.  You may not be that person. I won’t try to make you that person. But I will offer my help freely.

Get Clear About What You Want Most.

We’ll Talk About How You Started, Where You Are Now And Where You Want To Be.

Take A Deep Look At The Obstacles.

We’ll Look At What’s Causing You Stress And Keeping You From Having What You Want

Design And Strategize Solutions.

We’ll Come Up With One Or More Strategies You Can Put In Place Immediately To Get You Past Your Biggest Obstacle.


Setting This Up Is EASY!

STEP 1. Click Here To Schedule A Time To Talk. Simply select a day and time that works for you and then tell me a little bit about yourself. In case it isn’t clear, there is NO FEE for this conversation.

STEP 2. Get Ready. Before we talk with one another, give some thought about what you want to achieve in your business–and in your life–and what is holding you back. 

STEP 3. Show Up To Our Conversation

We can meet face-to-face online or on the phone. During the call, we’ll discuss your vision for your business and life. Then we’ll get extremely clear about what’s in the way.  My intention is for you to leave our time together inspired…and armed with some ideas and strategies to get over at least one of your challenges. 


Schedule a time to talk NOW!

Bring your biggest dream or your biggest challenge and we’ll handle it forever.





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Intensive Coaching for Financial and Insurance Professionals | Build Confidence, Improve Communication, Lead

Intensive Coaching for Financial and Insurance Professionals | Build Confidence, Improve Communication, Lead