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Sandy Schussel

Hi, I'm Sandy Schussel.

I was a successful but unhappy attorney whose life almost ended at age 41.  Now, I help financial and insurance professionals and business leaders who have had some success, but are still not where they want to be…and are committed to do what they need to do to get there.

As a speaker and workshop leader, I’ve empowered firms and sales teams with systems designed specifically to engage or enroll more or better clients.  As an author, I’ve introduced thousands of readers to simple strategies to win over prospects and to overcome the fears that keep them from doing the things they know they need to do.  As a business and life coach, I’ve encouraged hundreds of individuals to figure out what they really want, to develop a plan to go get it, and to take action on that plan.

When I was a lawyer and realized that I did not feel fulfilled, I honestly believed that I was stuck—that there was nothing else that I could do. I kept on doing work I had come to hate for 60 hours a week…for more than 15 years, until my body just quit on me.  Even after a successful year-long battle with cancer, and after overcoming the disability I had suffered due to complications from surgeries and treatment, I wasn’t immediately motivated to make the changes I knew I needed to make.

My options were rebuilding the practice I didn’t want, or finding something else I wanted to do.  With some help, and over time, I was able to acknowledge the satisfaction I got from bringing in clients, from developing long-standing and loyal relationships, from building a business, and from supporting other people who were trying to build a business by coaching, and sharing my business and marketing knowledge.

Before I knew it, I had created a thriving new career for myself that focused just on the type of work that I loved.  I was offering one-on-one coaching services. I created a Blog and E-zine called REACHING….  I offered seminars and workshops to companies and professional firms about leadership, time management, and the development of high-quality loyal clients.  I became an adjunct instructor of entrepreneurship at New York University’s Marketing and Management Institute.  I designed sales training programs for First Investors, a national broker-dealer and life insurance company. And I spent countless hours in the field with representatives, observing their appointments and coaching them on their approaches. I eventually became the company’s National Sales Training Director–a position I held for several years.

Along the way, I acquired FINRA, Life and Health licenses and published two books.

My first book, The High Diving Board, deals with fear and how to overcome it.  My second, Become a Client Magnet, offers simple but powerful marketing, sales, and client-service strategies that work.  Both are always available here, on my Website, as well as on Amazon and other online bookstores.

That’s enough about me. Contact me and let me learn more about you and how I can help you. Or sign up for my e-letter, REACHING

16 Disciplines

I suppose it would have been more fun if I called them 16 “hot tubs” for advisors, or less intimidating if I called them “practices,” but after 17 years of working with and observing how the most successful advisors, it's clear that there are branches of knowledge involved. 


Practice these simple 16 disciplines daily and watch how quickly and easily your practice grows.

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