Man speaking to colleague
Aug 30 2021

Stop Using Weak Words

Too many advisors use “junk” words with clients and others that negatively impact their effectiveness. If you’re using any of the words or phrases below in your communications with clients, prospects, your team…or anyone…stop saying them.  1. Actually…  “Actually, the reason I’m calling is…I’m actually going to be seeing a client right near you…and actually,

Aug 14 2021

The Perfect System

Advisors talk with me about how unhappy they are with their results. “I’m not seeing enough people,” is one complaint. “I’ve got more work than I can handle,” is another. My response is usually something like this: “You’ve created the perfect system for the results you’re getting. If you’re not happy with the results, you

Aug 02 2021

7 Ways to Outwit the Devil

In Napoleon Hill’s OUTWITTING THE DEVIL, he gives us 7 principles to help achieve mental, spiritual, and physical freedom from the Master of Evil: Definiteness of purpose. Decide on your purpose… a grand aspiration, a monster goal, and move towards it with ruthless abandonment. Mastery over self. Discipline equals freedom. If you’re driven by impulse

Jul 17 2021

Know If It’s Okay to Ask For The Sale

The photo above is a still from a video my colleague Rich found online and recently wrote about. The young man says to the crowd, “Hi guys! She’s gonna be here any minute now. I’m gonna propose to my girlfriend!” She arrives, and he launches into an emotional speech dedicated to his girlfriend of four

Camera lens
Jul 05 2021

Focus On Where You Want To Go–Not The Wall!

[From BECOME A CLIENT MAGNET] If you’re racing toward a curve and you focus on the wall you don’t want to hit–you’ll probably hit it. Race car drivers like Scott Dixon and Jimmie Johnson know that whether it’s a wall or a wreck in front of you, your focus needs to be on where you

Fortune Cookie
Jun 21 2021

Be First, Be Daring, Be Different

Some time ago, I opened up a fortune cookie at the conclusion of a Chinese dinner and read: “To Be Successful in Business Be First, Be Daring, Be Different.” I dropped the fortune into my nearly empty tea cup. But then it struck me that this little slip of paper extolled the exact advice I

Man in suit
Mar 22 2021

Defining Success: 3 Steps To A Happier Life

In a world with so many coulds, woulds, shoulds and wants, how do you know how to select what’s best for you—what will make you successful? Is it being way rich, way famous, way beautiful or way powerful? Or is something that comes from the inside? Here’s how you tell: First, complete this sentence: “I know how successful I am by how _________(fill

Man working at desk
Apr 04 2021

Stop Stopping!

I often talk with clients and in workshops about the “success formula” Napoleon Hill shares in his 1935 classic, Think and Grow Rich: (1) Set a clear goal. What do you want to accomplish? (2) Develop a detailed plan to reach that goal. Define exactly what actions you will need to take (3) Take immediate (and, as Tony

What You Need
May 24 2021

You Don’t Need What You Think You Need

Advisors come to me believing that they need certain things they’re not getting.  But usually what they think they need is not what they actually do need.  See if something here sounds like you: You think you need confidence. You don’t. Confidence is a result, not a prerequisite to taking action. Fear is often a byproduct of desire. Think