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Jun 20 2022

Want to Know How Simple it is to Create a Million Dollar Business?

A long time ago…it seems like in a previous life…I was a practicing attorney with a growing practice.  I grew my business to six figures and was proud of the accomplishment.   But at a certain point, it stopped growing.  Everything I did to get it there in the first place—providing outstanding service with great client

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Jun 20 2022

The 6 Ps of Creating a Million-Dollar Business

My colleague, marketing expert Robert Middleton, recently shared his “6 Ps of Getting Out There and Making It Happen”. All of these are important for any advisor who is trying to grow his low six figure business into a high six figure or million-dollar business: Passion – your personal interest, fascination, and engagement with something

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Jun 07 2022

What’s Your Why?

30 years ago, when my daughter Stefanie was nine and her sister Madeline was six, I was dying. I remember waking after my second surgery, following months of suffering from the complications of cancer treatment, with one horrifying thought: If I didn’t live, who would raise my daughters? Who would teach my daughter Madeline to

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Jun 06 2022

Your Market Needs YOU More Than Ever

As the market gets more volatile, COVID still challenges us, inflation grows out of control, mass shootings proliferate, baby formula leaves parents panicking, the war in Ukraine impacts us all, and the price of gas climbs out of control, we find ourselves with two distinct choices: We can cry…or we can create. We can take

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May 30 2022

It’s Not That They Don’t Know Anyone Who Needs Your Help

Your clients aren’t introducing you to great prospects, and so your business isn’t growing like it used to  – and like you want it to. You’ve been telling yourself that they just aren’t coming across anyone who needs your help. And you’ve been believing this story. But it’s not true! Even in the worst days of