Dec 31 2019

Give Them What They Want Most.

One of the biggest misconceptions about an advisor’s success is the idea that his or her services, planning and advice are what clients want most. They’re not. Clearly, your services, advice, and recommendations are important. But there’s something more important. And it’s not the results of your recommendations or the benefits you offer. It’s not the

Jan 20 2020

Too Bad, Now You’re A Client!

This past week I was reminded of an old joke about a man who dies and goes to Heaven. Finding it a little dull, he asks if he might be allowed to explore the “Other Place,” and is allowed to go down for a visit. Upon his arrival, the Devil shows him a beautiful cavern

Happy customer
Feb 16 2020

Get Them to Tell Stories About You

A while ago, I dropped into a well-known department store to buy a blue shirt. There was a good selection in my size and they were more or less in order on the shelves and in the bins. I found a shirt in my size. The sales assistant was friendly and professional. She told me

Kobe Bryant
Feb 03 2020

Work Ethic

The death of Kobe Bryant at 41 in that helicopter crash was a tragedy. He was someone to be admired in so many ways and from whom advisors can learn a lot. Just hours before Bryant’s death, LeBron James had remarked to a reporter that he, LeBron, had been inspired by Bryant’s work ethic throughout

Nov 27 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family has a tradition at Thanksgiving dinner, answering the question around the table about what we’re each grateful for. For most of the adults, the response is about being together as a family. For the kids, it can often be about the food—especially the desserts. I am grateful for a loving family and friends. 

Dec 10 2019

What’s “Up” Doc?

“How do I get referred “up”? is a question I’m often asked . The answer is almost always a question from me, “What’s ‘up’”? The people who could arrange introductions for you don’t know what you want. A client with very little in the way of assets or insurance need believes that your primary work

Jan 06 2019

You Lost Me At “Hello”

I was calling an advisor client of mine, Bill Peterson. The story is true but the name here is fictitious. The phone rang seven times, so I was expecting voice mail. Instead, I was greeted by an unhappy, bored, stressed female voice. “Mr. Peterson’s Office,” the voice grumbled crankily. “May I speak with him?” I

Sandy Interviews Top Of The Table Producer, Todd Veillon
Nov 21 2019

Sandy Interviews Top Of The Table Producer, Todd Veillon

Getting to the Top of the Table from Ville Platte, Louisiana, ranked the poorest town in his state, 7-time Top of the Table veteran, Todd Veillon built a family business on his passion for helping people. Todd tells us that if you’re hesitant about going to friends and family, you don’t believe in what you’re

Nov 13 2019


A SIEGFRIED AND ROY BUSINESS OR A BLUE MAN GROUP BUSINESS? Siegfried and Roy were extraordinarily talented animal trainers and performers. Their wild animal act at The Mirage hotel was, arguably, the biggest show in Vegas right up until Roy Horn was attacked by their tiger, Mantecore, ending their show. They had to take a fire