Jul 02 2019


Happy 4th of July! This is the day that we in the United States celebrate the declaration of our independence from the rule of King George of Great Britain. And while we celebrate with flags and parades and fireworks today, tomorrow or next week we go back to our lives and find ourselves less than

Jul 10 2019


“If you want to be successful, get more knowledge.” This was the advice from Top of the Table member Douglas Eze, at the conclusion of my interview with him a few weeks ago. Eze emigrated from Nigeria to Canada after finishing high school at age 18. At 23, he moved to the U.S. At 24,

Jul 14 2019

What’s your ONE Thing?

In his best-selling book, The ONE Thing, Gary Keller asks: “What’s the ONE thing you can do, such that by doing it, everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” This question creates a great tool for advisors who find themselves doing too many things and easily distracted.      Every day I work with advisors

Jul 24 2019

Why They’re Not Calling You

Before anyone will call you about your services, they have to know that you’re there. My friend Connor used to tell a story about a tree limb that fell on his lawn. His wife, Judy, concerned that the neighborhood children could get hurt playing on it asked him to call someone to cut it up

Jul 30 2019

What Stories Are They Telling About You?

If you want more clients, get your clients to tell stories about their “magical” experience working with you. You don’t have to bring them 25% returns or save them from the devastation of a recession, but you do have to provide an experience that shows you care deeply about them and their situation. When your

Jun 18 2019

Got “Analysis Paralysis”? One small step could end it.

You know you need to pick up the telephone and call people, or businesses, that might need your services, but the thought of doing it makes you feel too “uncomfortable” (read as “afraid”). You’re afraid–of being rejected and of appearing awkward and foolish. These are just two of the “Seven Paralyzing Fears” I discuss in

Jun 04 2019

Watch Bill Bishop’s Interview

Fear of success…limiting beliefs…a negative view of your world… Are these the real reasons you’re not making it to the Top? Watch Bill Bishop’s interview of me on the Entrepreneur Resource Network where we discuss these internal challenges. Keep REACHING…