Gold Medals? Or Alligators?(from BECOME A CLIENT MAGNET)

In the Great Swamp Race, two runners led the pack. Fred was running this grueling race through twisted vines, muck and mire in the alligator-infested swamp, motivated by his desire to win the gold medal by crossing the finish line first. Ted, on the other hand, might have started out with the same intention, but

Failing on Purpose?

Throughout my years as a coach, I’ve noticed a sad but interesting phenomenon: People often choose failure over success—on purpose. A few years ago, I asked a group of coaches who were attending the event at which I was speaking how many of them were there because they needed more clients. All 47 of the


 “I don’t want to cold call,” Robert, a financial advisor in Michigan who I had been working with, began.  “But I don’t know how to fill my time.” We were discussing Robert’s second career, for which he had proclaimed his passion, but for which he just hadn’t been finding enough clients. “Let’s start with the people

How to Lose Your Clients: 7 Sure Strategies

Today I want to give you some pointers on how to lose clients.  If you want to lose clients, employing these strategies will ensure that you do:   1. Avoid regular communication. Make sure that you never update clients about the status of their case. Don’t proactively report to them on a regular basis, whether

Dec 04 2018


I’ve worked with CEOs who bemoan the fact that they are “forced” to work 60+ hour work weeks. Unless you WANT to spend that much of your time working, and to forsake having any kind of family or personal life, you shouldn’t be doing it. “But there just IS that much to do!” my client

It’s Time for an Attitude of Gratitude

I have a wonderful, supportive wife and an amazing family. I made it through 42 radiation treatments this year to beat cancer for the third time. I had the opportunity over the past year to work with a team of financial advisors spanning from Pennsylvania to South Carolina while continuing my work with my regular

SUCCESS: It’s about who you’re BEING

Success, however you define it, may not be easy to attain, but what you need to do to be successful is simple. You’re the boss.  The buck stops with you. If you want your organization to be successful, you have to get it from where it is at “A” to where you want to go–“B”. 


In 2005, Steve Jobs gave the commencement address to the Stanford graduating class of approximately 5,000 students. “I never graduated college,” he began, and then held his audience’s attention as he told three stories. The first story was about “connecting the dots”.  Jobs told them that even though he dropped out, he continued to attend