Jun 18 2019

Got “Analysis Paralysis”? One small step could end it.

You know you need to pick up the telephone and call people, or businesses, that might need your services, but the thought of doing it makes you feel too “uncomfortable” (read as “afraid”). You’re afraid–of being rejected and of appearing awkward and foolish. These are just two of the “Seven Paralyzing Fears” I discuss in

Jun 04 2019

Watch Bill Bishop’s Interview

Fear of success…limiting beliefs…a negative view of your world… Are these the real reasons you’re not making it to the Top? Watch Bill Bishop’s interview of me on the Entrepreneur Resource Network where we discuss these internal challenges. Keep REACHING…

You Don’t Need More Information. You Need to ACT.

Troy, a financial advisor in Ohio, claimed to be making constant prospecting calls, but he barely earned $50,000 last year. “I’ve taken several sales training courses and am always reading sales books,” Troy told me during our initial coaching conversation. “I’m not sure why none of it is working for me,” he concluded. When I questioned

May 13 2019

Getting to the TOP

If you’ve qualified for membership in the Million Dollar Round Table and want to get to Court or Top of the Table, there are really only two ways to make that happen: 1. Significantly increase your number of sales 2. Significantly increase the size of your sales Either of these paths alone could get you

May 29 2019

I Hope You Dance!

If you’ve had some success but you’re still not where you want to be, your situation might be caused by one of these three roadblocks: 1. You don’t want it badly enough.  To achieve anything of great significance, you need to possess a burning desire to make it happen.  Now and then, a client will consult me

Gold Medals? Or Alligators?(from BECOME A CLIENT MAGNET)

In the Great Swamp Race, two runners led the pack. Fred was running this grueling race through twisted vines, muck and mire in the alligator-infested swamp, motivated by his desire to win the gold medal by crossing the finish line first. Ted, on the other hand, might have started out with the same intention, but

Failing on Purpose?

Throughout my years as a coach, I’ve noticed a sad but interesting phenomenon: People often choose failure over success—on purpose. A few years ago, I asked a group of coaches who were attending the event at which I was speaking how many of them were there because they needed more clients. All 47 of the


 “I don’t want to cold call,” Robert, a financial advisor in Michigan who I had been working with, began.  “But I don’t know how to fill my time.” We were discussing Robert’s second career, for which he had proclaimed his passion, but for which he just hadn’t been finding enough clients. “Let’s start with the people