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Ron is a financial advisor in Cleveland, and one of the most knowledgeable advisors I have known. He has several professional designations. He studies tax law so that he can advise his clients of the tax consequences of everything he recommends. He reads insurance policies and annuity contracts cover-to-cover, and he learns everything he can about his clients, because he’s not satisfied just finding a suitable solution or plan for their particular situation. He tries to find the perfect solution or plan for them.

But despite all his knowledge, Ron was struggling to provide for his family. He was living proof that knowledge is not Power. Applied knowledge is Power. Power comes from reaching out to lots of people and offering to share your knowledge. And that wasn’t happening for Ron.

Ron didn’t need more information. He already had enough information to be incredibly successful. What he needed was a transformation. He needed to be taking relentless, persistent, intensely focused action to get himself  and that knowledge in front of clients.  As I saw it, the specific strategies or systems he used were less important than the level and intensity of the action he took.

I work with clients on the premise that the only thing that distinguishes the most successful advisors from the rest is their access to relentless, persistent, intensely focused action — every hour of every day.

Top advisors see the world as one in which they can be—and deserve to be—successful. They wake up on Monday morning on a mission to accomplish something and they just don’t stop for anything.

Ron’s world was obviously not occurring to him in that way. In his view, this business was a struggle and the best you could do was to survive. In survival mode, everything is a threat. With that view, access to action was limited for him and depended on how he felt at any given moment.

I suggested to Ron that if he wanted to be successful, he needed to make changes in how his world was occurring to him and that he could start by speaking, acting and reacting as if he thought he was the best advisor in Cleveland. Not the way he would normally act, react or speak, but how the best advisor in Cleveland would act, react or speak in the same situation.

I also had him ask his existing clients to share with him the value they get from working with him and made him report their answers to me, so that he could see in himself the value they saw.

The result?

The impact of just these two changes was almost immediate. Ron was in action–-using a couple of the strategies I also taught him which moved his business in the the mid-six figures in about a year. He was no longer struggling to support his family.


Dan sought me out after a seminar I offered to his broker-dealer. He was entering his third slows slow December and was frustrated with being unable once again to crack through a 6-figure-a-take home.

After our initial conversation and analyzing his business in detail, it was clear that he was relying on a “shotgun marketing” approach that lacked focus on his true target market, families with young children.

Together we worked on clearly defining who he most wanted to help and three ways to effectively reach them, improving his communication, setting up a referral system and connecting more effectively with influencers in his market.

The result?

Dan had the best December of his career, which he thought was a fluke until he followed that up with his best months of January and February, as well.

Despite never bringing home 6 figures previously, he broke $100,000 in take home income by the next July and his business continued to grow after that. Dan has never looked back.

Stephanie and Rayna

Stephanie and Rayna are partners in a Life and Health-focused agency. They came to me because they wanted to expand, but were mired in staff mistakes, client expressions of dissatisfaction with their disorganization and constant confusion caused by contradictory top-down instructions resulting in their having to spend hours fixing problems.

After analyzing their business in detail, we quickly redefined each of their roles in their business, removed redundancies and retrained staff members to master specific job functions.

The result?

In a matter of months, the office became a well-oiled machine with clear processes that eliminate most mistakes. Client satisfaction improved significantly and clients were comfortable introducing the team to friends and family members.  The number of cases submitted each month doubled and the training and systems created for their team allowed them to meet the demands of the additional business.

To learn more or to find out how I can help you do the same, set up a time to talk with me about your situation.

16 Disciplines

I suppose it would have been more fun if I called them 16 “hot tubs” for advisors, or less intimidating if I called them “practices,” but after 17 years of working with and observing how the most successful advisors, it's clear that there are branches of knowledge involved. 


Practice these simple 16 disciplines daily and watch how quickly and easily your practice grows.

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