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Are You Treating Being An Advisor As A Sport?

Imagine stepping into a boxing ring or an MMA cage to face an opponent without months of vigorous training, studying your opponent’s moves, and having a plan for how to win the fight.

You couldn’t even think of being proactive as your opponent is bearing down on you, Everything would be defensive and reactive. And you probably wouldn’t do very well.

In your financial services or life insurance business, it’s the same. If you don’t have clear goals, a plan, strategies, and systems, and you just get in the ring or octagon and figure it out as you go, you’ll end up being mostly reactive, and you probably won’t do very well.

The vigorous training in our industry involves:

  • Knowing who you’re offering your services and products,
  • What they need most and what you can do about it, and
  • Why you’re the one they should be working with.

You need to know how you’re going to find those people and how you’re going to approach them.

You need to know what ‘winning’ looks like for you—and for them—and have a plan, strategies, systems, and the right people in place to be the champion you deserve to be.

But too many advisors:

  1. Don’t have clear goals, a plan to reach those goals, or strategies and systems to achieve them. Instead, they do things haphazardly, worrying every day that something will break down or fall through the cracks.
  2. Are not managing their time effectively. They’re spending time on the unimportant things that DON’T result in new clients, or even new business from existing clients. When they finally do get around to working on their prospecting or marketing it’s half-baked and rushed and, sadly ineffective.
  3. Are operating from a reactive state. There’s a good chance their prospects will feel it, as they’ll bring this reactive and chaotic energy with them to their appointments and their approach. As a result, people will be “put off” by the idea of working with them. Those prospects and clients won’t know why, but something will just feel off.
  4. Don’t see that right cross to the jaw before they’re hit with it. When they finally DO see issues or threats, the challenges are much bigger. When you’re proactive and aware, you’ll see any potential issues coming and can take action to block them long BEFORE they become a threat to you and your business.

When you work with me in my one-on-one Business Accelerator program, we take a look at everything you’re doing in your business, strip out the things that aren’t necessary, help you create clear goals and put a simple plan in place to achieve them.

You become a lean, mean fighting machine, moving from reactive to proactive, so you can feel confident and in control of your business and its growth—you can dominate the ring.

If that sounds like something you want, contact me. Or book a quick 15-minute call with me here.

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