The best online training available for engaging clients and Centers of Influence in a conversation about introducing you to people they care about, without sounding needy or pushy. Includes scripts, relevant articles, 6 downloadable webinar sessions that walk you through all of the steps of Sandy’s acclaimed referral program AND a BONUS SESSION with actors role playing client and prospect interaction.  Being offered right now with bonus e-books and audios. $197.00 $149.00 


“I was looking for a method of asking for and receiving referrals that was genuine, sincere, authentic, etc., without any GIMMICKS, or feeling needy or greedy.
     [Sandy] reassured me that I would learn that from his training program. And he was RIGHT! By far, the best referral program training I had ever heard before or since. And that includes Wayne Cotton’s $2,500+ program, Bill Cates, and countless other authors and speakers.
    From that point on, I’ve never hesitated to refer to him as “MY” referral coach and refer others to purchase his programs.” David H. Kinder, ChFC

Sandy Schussel has mastered a process that most self-employed people struggle with – how to ask for referrals. … What’s great about his approach is that it’s completely relationship-based. It’s about connecting with your clients on a human level, understanding what they like about the services you provide and learning who else in their world might also benefit from what you have to offer. ~ Robert Middleton


10 Steps to Referral Mastery in 9 Audio Sessions

This LIVE recording of Sandy’s 9-week Teleconference Series will give you his 10-Step Referral System for getting clients that has already doubled and tripled the income of hundreds of financial advisors and insurance professionals who have put it to use.  The approach is specifically designed to make it more comfortable to engage in referral conversations and to turn existing clients into willing partners in the referral process.

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27 Strategies to Boost Your Client-Attraction Factor

(Paperback) For business people who want to attract more clients confidently and professionally, and not feel like that salesman on the used car lot with the bad hairpiece and the loud plaid jacket, this is the book to read! Become a Client Magnet is powerful, succinct, serious and, at the same time, light-hearted. You’ll find it visually interesting, and very easy to digest. Sandy Schussel presents you with 27 Strategies to Boost Your Client-Attraction Factor! Read and integrate the simple messages in this book, and your business or practice will reach new heights of success.

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Audio Version

As Read by Author Sandy Schussel!

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CD Version


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How to Overcome Your Fears and Live Your Dreams

(Paperback) Based on his personal journey and the 10-Step Program he devised for his clients to take action instead of making excuses, Sandy shows how fear can be insidious, pervasive, and ultimately, conquerable. The book identifies the Seven Paralyzing Fears and includes a personal journal to help you commit to overcoming your obstacles and work through your 10 steps to reach your dreams.

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TEN STEPS TO OVERCOMING YOUR FEARS. Based on The High Diving Board, this audio program can be used with or without the book.

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Intensive Coaching for Financial and Insurance Professionals | Build Confidence, Improve Communication, Lead

Intensive Coaching for Financial and Insurance Professionals | Build Confidence, Improve Communication, Lead