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This Saturday, January 21st, I will be giving the keynote address at a conference in Pennington, New Jersey, devoted to people who are “in transition”—the new code name for “out of work” or “between jobs”.

The conference starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 1 p.m. and includes a choice of workshops to help people find work.  It is taking place at the Princeton Community Church, 2300 Pennington Rd, Pennington, NJ and is open to the public first come, first serve…but it would be even better to register online beforehand at

I’ll also be running the workshop devoted to helping people in transition decide whether they’re ready to go into their own businesses, and if so, how to get started.

One of the topics I’ll be discussing plays a large role in my book, BECOME A CLIENT MAGNET—it’s the idea of being the “Red Crayon”.  This concept applies every bit as much to job-seekers as it does to business owners and employed professionals.

If you’re another white crayon in a box of white crayons, there’s no way for an employer to know why he or she should hire you over your competition—even if you’re the sharpest and brightest white crayon in the box.

If, instead, you are the RED crayon in the box, you’ll really make an impression.

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Another way to put this is…

Instead of worrying that marked differences in your approach, your resume, your appearance, or your experience may make you unacceptable in some way, use your unique combination of qualities as the flag you wave for those you want to work with:

“Sure, Mr. [Prospective Client or Employer], I’m not like all those other [professionals or applicants] and I know enough about you from having researched your firm and having asked you my questions to be confident that the very thing you need is someone with my particular [qualifications, job history, or skill-set], and here’s why…”

Be the Red Crayon.  Be the only choice, not the best of many.  If you want to learn how you can use this mindset in your situation, just register for the conference, or contact me directly.

In the meantime, keep REACHING…

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