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Become a “DOer”

My friend and colleague, Steve Chandler, author of the Wealth Warrior, puts professionals in two categories: “Doers” and “Feelers”.

Doers come to work having planned out what needs to be done that day and, no matter how they’re feeling at any given moment, the do what needs to be done.

What Feelers do, on the other hand, depends on how they feel.  They take their emotional temperatures throughout the day, checking in on themselves, figuring out what they feel like doing right now.  Their financial securities, their outcomes, their lives, are dictated by the fluctuation of their feelings.  Their feelings will change constantly, of course, so it’s hard for Feelers to follow anything through to a successful conclusion, no matter how passionate they may be about all they intend to accomplish.

As Chandler puts it:

“The success of Feelers depends on everything that can change their feelings…biorhythms, gastric upset, too strong a cup of coffee, an annoying call from home, a rude waitress at lunch, a cold, or constipation. Those are the dictating forces—the commanders—of a Feeler’s life and of his or her success.”

A Doer, however, has a plan and a system for her success, and she works the plan no matter how she feels.  She knows in advance of each day how much time she will spend on the phone and in the field, what new clients she will cultivate and which old relationships she will strengthen.  In whatever mood, she looks at any situation lacking completion and asks, “What do I need to do?

A Feeler may have a plan, too, but only follow it on “sunny” days—when things are all going right and the there are no clouds in her sky.  She says, “I just can’t make those calls right now,” and her excuse is that she wouldn’t be very effective unless she was feeling good about making them.


I agree with Chandler: All of us have Doers and Feelers within us.  While many of us vacillate between the two types, some may be predisposed to being either a Doer or a Feeler, and over time, some may even unconsciously commit to one or the other.

If you recognize yourself as a Feeler and you’re not having the success you want, consciously commit to being a Doer, instead.  Set a goal, create a plan to reach it, and have a daily system that you follow, no matter how the winds are blowing.

So unless you’re just not feeling up to it, smiley_wink


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