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Level Your Ego: BE A LOSER.

Are you one of the many financial and insurance professionals who have avoided approaching doctors, lawyers, CEOs, military generals, celebrities, and a host of other people you think are in some way above you?


My coaching colleague, Amir Karkouti, offered these words last week for professionals who are suffering from this fear-based affliction: “BECOME A LOSER…”

“LOSE the idea that any of these titles exist,” he tells his clients,

“LOSE the idea that the high achiever, because of his finances, doesn’t cry himself/herself to sleep at night…

LOSE the idea that CEOs have ‘made it’ and have something you don’t (made what?).

LOSE the idea that they won’t want to hire you because you don’t know what they know (after all, they don’t know what you know!).”

LOSE all the ideas and stories you’ve created about other people, so you can see them for who they really are.  The gap between “you” and “them” is imaginary, and sales can only happen when you can see yourself as part of their world.

Be a Loser, and be proud of it!  The more of your ego you lose, the less you’ll think that somebody is above you because he or she has made more money or is seemingly more accomplished.  Being a Loser in this way lets you build bridges to make relationships.

Amir explains that when you are a Loser, you win people’s hearts, and you win their gratitude.  You also win their respect.

So stop thinking you’re not at someone’s “level”.  Amir is right—levels don’t actually exist.  Or, if they do exist, there’s only one level that matters: the level of connection.  If you’re a Loser, you can be on the level with anyone in any field.

“And the only way to play on the level of being with another person is to
LOSE the idea of who we think they really are, by the arbitrary terms we’ve created…”

In the best business company, stop feeling like an imposter.  Allow yourself to be just as much a hero to them as they are to you, by LOSING the hero hierarchy altogether.  Agree to Be a Loser and reach for the stars, and then, just keep REACHING…


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