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Whose Hero Do You Want To Be?

I sometimes ask prospective clients a question I picked up from internet list-building guru, Tellman Knudson: “Whose hero do you want to be?”

The question is designed to get a client focused on his target market.  Once I know whose hero he wants to be, and he has described his “ideal client,” I ask him what he wants to do for this ideal client that would make him a hero.  This addresses the most compelling needs for which he provides his services.  Another way I might put the question is: “What do you need to do to make those clients raving fans?”

Too often professionals are focused on the “back end” of their work, their projected numbers:  How many real estate closings do we want to do this year and how many personal injury cases? How many annuities do we want to sell and how many whole life policies? 

 To grow your practice or business faster, focus on the “front end.”  How many of those clients who already see you as their hero are you giving your full attention?  When is the last time you had a meaningful communication with every one of your Top Ten clients?  When is the last time you invited them out to dinner, just to get to know them better? Or remembered that they were avid golfers who, for some reason, never took out a subscription to Golf Digest? 

 Once in awhile, when I ask the “hero” question, I get an answer like the one a prospective financial advisor client gave me this week: “I want to be my wife’s hero!”   

 While the answer was not the one I expected, I was quick to point out to him that the solution is the same:

 “Take care of your best clients in a way that makes you their hero.  That focus will lead to more business and more referrals and, in turn, make you her hero, as well.”

When you look at ways to grow your practice or service business, start with the people you already know.  This includes clients and, in particular, your best clients.  Dazzle them with how attentive you are to them.  Give them your time and attention, and serve them. This will make them raving fans.  It’s good to keep count of the kinds of cases you open and services you offer, but focusing on the depth of your commitment and service will help you grow your business faster.

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