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A “Story of Power”: WHO More Than YOU?

Once again, I was inspired by a recent article written by my friend and colleague, Steve Chandler, leader of the Wealth Warrior Movement

Steve was responding to a question from a business/life coach who was afraid to reach out to someone he perceived as a “powerful person”—beyond his ability to benefit, or to attain as a client.

The advice Steve gave is the same I give my professional clients who are afraid to go after the “whales” in their target markets, telling themselves they have nothing to offer such wealthy, influential people and making the excuse that the biggest fish are probably “all set”.  Here is my adaptation of Steve’s response, as it might pertain to financial and insurance professionals:

YOU are powerful, my friend.  People would NOT be paying you fees and entrusting their financial futures to you were you not already powerful for them.  YOUR power is not in question.

I would question whether THEY are as powerful as you think.  How do you assign them power?  According to past income?  Years of experience or notoriety?  I don’t see power in them at all.  Not compared to you.  Can they call forth checks when someone is disabled or dies?  Can they match your ability to understand and keep eyes on financial markets?  Can they think on their own of legal ways to minimize their taxes?  Not even if their lives depended on it.  Who’s more powerful than YOU here?

Whale's Mouth

So “powerful people”, “whales,” or “elephants” are stories made up by you that get placed between you and these people—and so you have a hard time contacting the little girl or boy inside one of their bellies, needing help with his or her finances, and terrified of making a mistake.  Why?  Because you’ve thrust a “Story of Power” in between the two of you.

There’s a cardboard cutout of your prospect that you place between you and him, and by doing that, it’s hard to connect with the real person who may very much want your advice.

NO ONE is powerful (in the intimidating way you think that they are).

So focus on the work you do best and the SERVICE you can give anyone.  Remember your value, and stay with that.  And don’t get lost in the personalities at play.  Or in a comparison of who, between the two of you, is more successful, has more prestige…or any of the nonsense we superstitiously assign to each other.

Just keep being a person—a powerful personhelping another.

And, of course, keep REACHING…


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