“Action Hero” or Victim

It’s easy to point out that people are being laid off and that your regular clients are cutting back on services. It’s easy to talk about how business is down everywhere, so it just makes sense that your business is down, as well. It’s easy to commiserate with friends and other professionals and business owners

Don’t PURSUE Clients, ATTRACT Them

Do you pursue clients, or do you attract them? While both methods of finding new business work to some degree, finding the right prospects through attraction is a lot more fun and–for professionals and entrepreneurs who provide individualized service to their clients–it’s usually more effective than finding them by pursuit. Attraction methods involve drawing prospective clients to

Big Change Ahead / Handling Objections

Who has time to read these blogs, let alone write them? I have made a couple important decisions about REACHING… that I want to share with you. Beginning next month, the e-letter that leads to this blog will no longer be updated weekly. We’re going back to the original monthly format. The focus will be

Why They’re Not Calling You

Before anyone will call you about your services, they have to know you’re there. My friend, Connor, tells a story about a tree limb that fell on his lawn. His wife, Judy, concerned that the neighborhood children could get hurt playing on it asked him to call someone to cut it up and haul it

Focus on Where You Want to Go–Not the Wall!

If you’re racing toward a curve and you focus on the wall you don’t want to hit–you’ll probably hit it. Race car drivers like Scott Dixon and Jimmie Johnson know that whether it’s a wall or a wreck in front of you, your focus needs to be on where you want to go, not the

Jul 20 2015

It’s All in the Follow-Up…

Quick Note: I’ve made a new resource available for you. This recording of my one-hour webinar, 11 Tips to Help You Stay Focused on Your Goals, will clear the path to success in your business by showing you how to minimize distractions and delegate side-tracking tasks. (There’s absolutely no charge.) So, enjoy! ********** You met

I really want to do this, BUT…

Last Friday, I was offered an opportunity to use the services of a coach who has had significant success, to help me move my practice to the next stage. I’m happy with how my practice has grown over the years and pleased that many of my clients have had great results with the formulas I’ve

Don’t Let Them Scare You!

Monday’s terrifying financial news may have your clients running scared. You may be finding that people are holding back. Contracts aren’t being renewed and new people just aren’t signing on. Even referrals are dwindling.If you’ve already been confronted by the hysteria, or you’re worried that it’s about to happen, don’t succumb to the herd mentality.

Why are you living? Why do you do what you do? Sixteen years ago, when my daughter Stefanie was nine and her sister Madi was six, I was dying. I remember waking after my second surgery, following months of suffering, with one horrifying thought: If I didn’t live, who would raise my daughters? Who would

Make The Difficult Decision The hardest part of learning to ride a bicycle–or setting up and sticking to a practice schedule–is DECIDING to do it.Last week I wrote about practicing ferociously. Here is how one subscriber, Rita, responded:“I resist practicing anything ferociously that would further my career, and then I wonder why. I get that