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My Gift to Five Subscribers

First, let me wish all of you who are a part of my e-letter family and any regular readers of my blog “Happy Holidays”, and a New Year filled with health, joy, and success.

Trying to get a meaningful message out to everyone each week might be considered, by some, to be tedious work, but there’s great pleasure in it for me, especially when I receive your emails and blog posts in response to my articles.

I’ve been racking my brain (it doesn’t take much) to come up with something more than an article to give as a gift this season, and I decided that I’d like to offer five of you something that could change your lives—the opportunity to spend 90 minutes with me on the phone for coaching on the biggest goals or challenges you will take on in 2012. 

Let me be clear as to what this gift is, and what it is not:

~It is my way of thanking you for continuing to read my e-letter and blog, as I continue to share my insights on professional sales and personal motivation each week.

~It is the most powerful gift I can think of to express this thanks.

~It is not offered in the hope that I will turn you into a new one-on-one coaching client.  In January, I will have only two openings, and I’m very particular about who will be a good fit for each one of these slots.

I will give my gift in January to the first five people (who have not worked with me already) who contact me to say, “Thank you, I accept!”

I do hope the rest of you experience coaching with someone at some point this year.  The right coach can improve your worldview—not just your business.  For a great year ahead, keep REACHING…

16 Disciplines

I suppose it would have been more fun if I called them 16 “hot tubs” for advisors, or less intimidating if I called them “practices,” but after 17 years of working with and observing how the most successful advisors, it's clear that there are branches of knowledge involved. 


Practice these simple 16 disciplines daily and watch how quickly and easily your practice grows.

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