Stop Struggling!

…Attract what you want instead If you are struggling with something—STOP! Hard work is often necessary if you want to succeed at something. But struggling usually isn’t, and doesn’t generally get you what you want any faster. Stop struggling and try instead to focus on the belief that you can have it. You have to

Seven Minutes of Motivation

I am excited about joining Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup For The Soul), Jeff Keller (Attitude is Everything), Zev Saftlas (Motivation That Works) and several other great motivators as a guest speaker on You can visit this incredible web site and click on any speaker for 5-7 minutes of motivational audio. While you’re there, you

Beyond the Borders…

Often we’re so busy finding the things in our lives we want to fix, we forget how much we have to be thankful for. I, for one, have a great family, incredible friends and clients who inspire me even while they are hoping for some inspiration from me. In September, dozens of you joined me

Focus on What you Have and Give Thanks

Focus on What you Have and Give Thanks Fifteen years ago tomorrow, my Thanksgiving dinner was homebaked bread-not because I loved bread, but because I couldn’t digest anything else. I had lived through a horrific automobile accident, a diagnosis of colon cancer and the news that it had started to spread, two major abdominal surgeries,

Bring the Four Swordsmen of Client Service With You

Bring the Four Swordsmen of Client Service With You Part II of Lessons From the Master:Building Trust I received a lot of positive feedback from last week’s discourse between the Young Professional and the blind Master. One subscriber, however, asked about the statement the Young Professional just tosses out about knowing how to build Trust

Be Impressed, Grasshopper, Not Impressive

Be Impressed, Grasshopper, Not Impressive “Master,” the Young Professional addressed his mentor, “You have told us that in order to hire us, a client must Like us and Trust us.” “That is correct, Grasshopper,” the Master replied. “I understand how I can earn a client’s Trust,” continued the Young Professional, “But how do I get