Concentrate On One Room Until It’s Done

Ron, an insurance agent in the northern part of Texas, had the worst sales record for life insurance in his branch.

“I want to do better,” he told me during our first coaching call, “but I guess I’m just afraid of prospecting.” 

I asked Ron if he had ever talked with his more than 600 property and casualty clients about life insurance, and he told me that he had not.

“You do know how to do that, right?” I asked him.

“Yes,” he replied.  “As a matter of fact, there’s an agent in our office who does a tremendous amount of business from doing just that, using one of our company’s standard letters.”

“How about sending just 20 of those letters a week, starting tomorrow?” I asked him, and he agreed to do it — just like that!

Ron had been looking at the huge mountain he’d have to climb to become one of the better life insurance producers, and was so overwhelmed that he couldn’t get started.  If you’re trying to climb Mt. Everest for the first time, standing at its base can be so daunting that you can’t move.  But if the goal for today is to travel a few hundred yards, and you have a similar goal tomorrow and the next day, there’s a chance you’ll be at Base Camp One before you realize how far you’ve traveled.

Ron had a different analogy.  He laughed about the parallel to a conversation he had just had with his wife this past weekend:

“My wife was feeling overwhelmed about doing spring cleaning. I told her not to look at the whole house, but just to concentrate on one room until it’s done, and then move on to the next one–and that made her feel much better.”

I can help you with a “Spring Cleaning Review” of your practice or business, but you’ll need to do one thing to make it happen–contact me.  In the meantime, keep REACHING…


This is wise advise. I use a gardening analogy. The weeds in an August garden can be daunting. I get the job done by agreeing with myself to “weed just one row.” Little by little big things get done! Thanks, Sandy!

Deb says:

As always, a great nugget of gold from you, Sandy. 🙂 The new site looks great; hope all is well with you.