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Big Change Ahead / Handling Objections

Who has time to read these blogs, let alone write them?

I have made a couple important decisions about REACHING… that I want to share with you. Beginning next month, the e-letter that leads to this blog will no longer be updated weekly. We’re going back to the original monthly format.

The focus will be changing a little bit, too. For years, I have been trying to balance the content to benefit both those of you who sell services for your own practice or business or someone else’s and those of you from every other walk of life who simply want some motivation. Trying to please everyone is something I train and coach other professionals not to do, so it’s time to take my own advice.

The coming entries to REACHING… will, most definitely, include motivational articles, but they will be aimed at my many clients and prospective clients: independent professionals, sales professionals and entrepreneurs.

I hope you’ll all stay with me when these changes are implemented. But believe me I understand how hard it is to get through all the things you want to read unless they apply directly to you.

Oh…and one more change. If you’re a subscriber to the e-letter that generally contributes articles to this blog, I’ll save you even more reading time. E-letters will contain only the first few paragraphs of the articles. If you like what you see in the e-letter and you want to read the balance, you’ll be able to simply click to this Blog, where the entire article will be posted. While here, you can also respond to the article with your own comments and peruse previous articles.

I’m hoping this move helps us both—reducing the volumes of materials you want to read but often can’t get to and, at the same time, reduce my writing load. The quality of the articles will not suffer.

It is awesome to me that people from all over the world have found these articles, and that so many of you have told me you’ve been helped in some way by them.

Thanks for letting me write a little bit about me. Now, something for you…


You’re trying to get a prospective client to meet with you, to purchase service from you or to recommend you to an associate and you suddenly find yourself facing resistance. The old sales model many professionals use calls this an “objection” and suggests that you “handle” it, which basically means to argue it down.

“Your fees seem high,” a prospective client says. So, you jump to defend those fees. That’s handling them.

“Well, we’re the best at what we do and you can find it for less, but you get what you pay for,” might be the response under the old model. The defensive, argumentative response is not likely to bring about a change in the prospective client’s opinion, and might even have the opposite effect. You’re trying to “swat” down the objection, and that approach doesn’t work very often.

A more effective approach would be to “bend” with any resistance you sense in your conversation:

“Well, you know, Joe, you’re right. I suppose it can appear that way if you haven’t experienced the level and quality of service we bring our clients. How important are getting the best quality and the best service to you?”

The key to getting more clients to say “yes” is to remove resistance or stress whenever you sense it’s there, and bending with it is often an effective approach.

If you believe I can help you get more clients to say “yes” to your proposals, l may still have an opening for you for personal coaching on the phone. Call me soon.

In the meantime, keep REACHING…


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