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You’re Not Bothering Them

If you’re one of those advisors who has avoided reaching out to friends and family, you need to know that your avoidance can lead to tragedy, and to understand why it’s important that you change your thinking.

In the year 2000, having successfully transitioned out of my law career into a seminar and sales training business, I was offered a position working for the President of First Investors, Marv Hecker. First Investors was a broker-dealer/insurance company.

Marv was playing a dual role, serving as both President and as National Sales Training Director (with the title “Director of the University of First Investors”). He hired me to write seminars for submission to the NASD (now FINRA) and to assist with sales training.

At some point in our first year together, Marv disclosed to me that he had incurable cancer and was uncertain how long he’d be able to work. He told me that he was grooming me to take over the sales training directorship.

He also told me a story that has driven my work ever since:

Marv had a sister and brother-in-law with two little girls.  He was building his financial and insurance business through cold-calling and was uncomfortable about approaching family members, so he avoided talking with these family members about life insurance.  He didn’t want to bother them, so he never brought the subject up.

In the meantime, his sister-in-law, was constantly pleading with her husband, Alan, about getting some life insurance, asking him repeatedly to talk with his brother-in-law Marv.  After all, he was a family member, in the business.

Alan’s response was always, “Marv is very busy getting his new career underway.  I’m sure he’ll approach us eventually when he has more time.”

Alan died uninsured, forcing his wife to go to work full time and leaving her and his daughters to deal with selling their home, borrowing for college, and face many other financial struggles.

At the funeral, Marv’s sister-in-law blamed their financial circumstances on him because he never approached Alan to get him covered.  She told Marv that he would never be allowed to see his nieces, and no longer would attend family events if Marv was there.

Tragedies like this face all agents and financial advisors who don’t want to bother their family members and friends.  If you view yourself as a salesperson, it’s probably the right choice.

But if you understand the powerful and important difference you can make in their lives by offering to help them with their financial and insurance situation, you’ll finish reading this and ask yourself, who in my life haven’t I offered to help.

Friends and family are the first of four avenues available to grow your production. If you believe you’re helping people grow or protect their hard-earned assets, and your mission is to help them avoid a tragic loss, why would you start with strangers?

If you’ve managed to get your gross production over $10,000 a month and want to scale to $20,000, $30,000 or more, let’s have a conversation about how you’re using these avenues and how I can help you make a big difference for yourself in 2023.

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And, in the meantime, keep REACHING…

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