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You’re Asking the Wrong Question

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I spoke to an advisor last week who declared:  

“I suck at lead generation and marketing…. But I’m really good at what I do and end up closing most of the people I sit down with.”

Then he asked me, “How do I generate leads and get some new clients rolling in?”

Here’s how I answered:

“You’re asking the WRONG question. The question you should be asking is WHO… not how…”

Who is going to help you generate high net worth clients and prospects?

Who is already successfully dealing with these prospects?

Who are you going to hire?

Who is available, talented and looking for an opportunity?

Who are you going to speak to?

Who are you going to partner with?

Who from your past can help?

Who are you going to do joint work with?

Whose network are you going to leverage?”

Here is my advice in  a single sentence…“Ask WHO… not how.”

If I can be one of your WHOs, let’s talk.

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