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Your Market Needs YOU More Than Ever

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As the market gets more volatile, COVID still challenges us, inflation grows out of control, mass shootings proliferate, baby formula leaves parents panicking, the war in Ukraine impacts us all, and the price of gas climbs out of control, we find ourselves with two distinct choices:

We can cry…or we can create. We can take action…or we can make excuses. We can be ‘owners’…or we can be ‘victims’. We can tap into the “gloom and doom” mindset all around us and talk “Victimspeak”… or we can be beacons of light for those around us who are being lured to the Dark Side. Which choice are you making?

I’m still surprised when I hear advisors who have chosen to fall into the victim mindset.

My clients have become so fearful of the market,” a financial advisor client moans, “that I can’t get them to even talk to me on the phone.”

Financial and insurance professionals like that one have chosen Victimspeak over action. Yes…the market is volatile. Yes…people are afraid to spend and afraid to invest. Those are the facts. But the facts themselves have no power. We assign a value and a meaning to them and then attach the emotion of our choice.

Here are some more facts: In most states, more than 90% of the people are employed. Businesses are struggling to find help. In most cities, expensive restaurants are still packed on the weekends. Most advisors are making more money than they did last year, and some are making significantly more. Who are those people working with, and what are they doing?

The fact is, in these times of panic, people need our voices of reason more than ever. Maybe they don’t have money for help they don’t need, but most will find the money for help they do need. If you choose to take action, instead of being victimized, here are three things you can do:

1. Be there for your best clients. Write them. Call them. Reach out in some way to see if they’re okay. Offer to help with something—even if it doesn’t lead to income right away.

2. Earn and ask for introductions. One financial advisor has been sending quarterly thank you notes with a Starbucks card enclosed, offering her clients their “next cup of coffee” on her. She has received over thirty referrals—in this market.

3. Stop chasing shiny new strategies and systems to grow your business. Instead, focus on 1 and 2 above. Get clear on who your ideal clients are and find more ways to reach them.

They need us, so we need to be present and strong for them. You can grow from a business that grosses $10,000-$20,000 a month to one that grosses $30,000 to $100,000 just by making these changes.

I’ve created a one-to-one coaching program that focuses on doing that without requiring you to work any harder than you already do or to spend money on expensive advertising and marketing.

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