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Why not just fail again?


“I failed!”

Richard, an insurance salesman, is working with me on growing his practice.  He was telling me about his recent attempt to run an estate planning seminar.  He had invited his clients and asked them to bring friends.  He was counting on 30 people, but he had deviated from our plan and hadn’t promoted properly.  As a result, only a handful of his clients showed, and none of them brought anyone with them.

“I had the coffee, the snacks, the projector—everything but the people,” he complained.

I’m sorry, Richard,” I said. “But when are you going to fail again?”

“What do you mean?” Richard asked indignantly.  “I don’t want to fail like that again!”

“Then do it right, this time,” I replied.  “Or, try failing in a different way.”

Every day I witness people giving up on their goals because they tried something that didn’t work and were afraid to try again.  But “successful people” know that their good judgments come from experience, and that their earlier bad judgments gave them that experience.

Richard didn’t fail; he gained experience.  Sure, there was a price tag associated with that.  But the only real failure would come from allowing his fear of failing again to stop him from trying.

What have you failed at recently? Did you back away from trying again? Gain experience by doing it again or fail in a different way this time. Either way, you’ll be on your way to making the good judgments that will lead you to your success.

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