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Siegfried and RoySiegfried and Roy were extraordinarily talented animal trainers and performers. Their wild animal act at The Mirage hotel was, arguably, the biggest show in Vegas right up until Roy Horn was attacked by their tiger, Mantecore, ending their show. They had to take a fire extinguisher to the tiger to get him to let go.

The pair had been doing 8 shows per week for 42 weeks of the year. On average, they brought in $35 million per year.

The Blue Man GroupFar from The Mirage, at The Astor Place Theatre, was an act requiring mostly rhythm skills performed by poor struggling artists that painted their bodies blue and weirdly called themselves ‘The Blue Man Group’.

Some people said that–aside from the ability to beat rhythmically on all kinds of objects while prancing around the stage in blue paint–they did not have much talent. They also didn’t have any 400-pound tigers.

These musicians trained young artists to do what they did, and launched Blue Man Group shows all over the world, eventually retiring from the shows themselves and simply collecting royalties.

The supposedly more talented of these two acts did 336 live shows in one year and one of them got eaten by an angry tiger.

The supposedly less talented of the two sat at home and brought in over $69 million in the year they were bought by Cirque du Soleil for 2 billion dollars.

In the meantime, Siegfried and Roy sold their business for exactly zero.

Is your financial or insurance business a Siegfried and Roy business or a Blue Man Group business?  There’s a place for both, but you should have a sense of which kind of business you’re building and whether that’s the kind you want.

In my interviews of MDRT Top of the Table members, it seems that most of the very successful advisors are ‘Blue Man Group’ types. They are good at what they do, but they have a team of people supporting it and earning the money for them.

Which kind of business do you want to build? Is it growing the way you want it to?  Can you do it yourself or would you like help with it?  Contact me if you’re not where you want to be…and keep REACHING


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