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Give Them What They Want Most.


One of the biggest misconceptions about an advisor’s success is the idea that his or her services, planning and advice are what clients want most.

They’re not.

Clearly, your services, advice, and recommendations are important. But there’s something more important.

And it’s not the results of your recommendations or the benefits you offer. It’s not the value you offer or your reputation or any of the things that make people trust you and have confidence in your ability to help them.

Although these are all important.

The most important factor in your success is something else, and it’s right under your nose…

What clients want most is YOU. Your personality. The way you speak, the way you make people feel about their money, their situation, and their future.

And how you make them feel about themselves.

It comes down to this:

When you make people feel good, they want you by their side–-advising them, protecting them, and working with them.

Before clients buy your services, they buy you.

That’s why I tell advisors that they have no competition. It’s because there is only one you.

I can teach you how to get in front of more people and coach you to help you accelerate the growth of your business. I can suggest things to say and challenge you to do things. I can help you improve what you’re already doing.

But the rest is on you.

It starts with your values. What you believe about yourself and your world, and what’s important to you. The essence of who you are. Your values determine your attitude–how you feel about your clients and how committed you are to serving them.

Your attitude affects your activities–your work, of course, but also the way you treat your clients and prospects–all of the things that constitute “client relations”.

Your activities determine your results and affect how people feel about your work and about you. And how they feel about themselves for choosing you.

Give your clients and prospects what they want most…YOU!


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