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My WHY…What’s Yours?

Over 30 years ago, when my daughter Stefanie was nine and her sister Madeline was six, I was dying.

I remember waking after my second surgery, following months of suffering from the complications of cancer treatment, with one horrifying thought: If I didn’t live, who would raise my daughters?

Who would teach my daughter Madeline to ride a two-wheeler? Who would teach both girls to throw and catch a ball? Who would laugh at their silly jokes and comfort them when they hurt? Who would be there to applaud their successes, to watch them graduate, or to walk down the aisle with them on their wedding day?

That day, I decided I had a strong reason to do everything I could to live. I understood for the first time that how long I lived was less important than how I lived.

My daughters are now grown women and I have two grandchildren. I was there to watch my girls graduate and start their careers. I was there for Stefanie’s wedding and the birth of my grandchildren. I had been there to play catch with them, to laugh at their silly jokes, and to hold them when they hurt.

During that time, I built myself back from 112 pounds. I stopped practicing law, found my way into the financial services and insurance business and, eventually into sales training and then coaching. I didn’t want to be a lawyer. I wanted to help people find what made them happy and made them feel successful and fulfilled. That became my reason to do what I do and has kept me happy since.

I believe you can have the life and the business you want if you start with these two ideas:

Have a reason to live. Make sure it’s something that you’d hate to have taken from you. Write it down and post it where you can be reminded of it every day.

Have a reason to do the work you do. Write that down, too, so you can share it with your prospects and clients. If no reasons come to mind, search deep within you to find one and get help to get clear. If you’re just another agent or advisor, it’s because you haven’t found it.

Together, these two reasons can be your personal mission, and having a mission will help you find what makes you happy and feel successful.

If you’ve passed $100K in gross income but you’re stuck getting to the mid six figures and beyond, don’t change everything you’re doing and who you are. Talk to me about my 90-Day Marketing Tune-up. Get clear on your WHY, get great at engaging your clients, and embellish what you’re already doing to increase your business.

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