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What You’ll Be Remembered For

Business success

It’s unlikely that you’ll be remembered for things you tried but gave up on.  What you will be remembered for will be the things you REFUSED to give up on.

The problem I see with many advisors is that they give up too easily:

  • They give up on deeply serving their clients.
  • They give up on their own dreams.
  • They give up on asking for referrals or doing seminars.
  • They give up on other outreach plans.
  • They give up on their follow up.

I remember talking about seminars with an advisor who consulted me about growing his business. He told me that he had tried them but they didn’t work for him.

When I asked him how many he had tried, he confessed that he had only actually done one. One? The poor results of that one event had him giving up live events as a source of potential new business, and allowed him to tell the story that live events don’t work for him.

In the meantime, most of the advisors I have worked with who supplement their referral conversations with live or virtual events report that they’ve had great success.

What if this advisor had refused to give up on seminars? What if he had done a hundred seminars (or webinars)?

DO give up on fears, worries, excuses, and other negatives in your life—unless, that is, you want to be remembered for your adamant refusal to give up on them.

REFUSE to give up on your efforts to help people, to grow a business you can be proud of and on giving yourself generously to clients, family and friends.

Let me help you if I can with one powerful conversation.  And in the meantime, KEEP REACHING…


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