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What Will They Say When They Tell Your Story?

In March of 2022, I visited my grandchildren in northwestern Canada. 

One of our day adventures was climbing to the top of the ski mountain, Big White.

In the winter, with several feet of snow on it, Big White’s surface is a series of smooth, rolling ski trails of different levels of difficulty. But in the summer, when the snow is gone, most of the trails are rocky, dusty, and extremely challenging. The smoothest of these are reserved for mountain biking.  The rockiest for climbing to the peak.

As we hiked around and over the rocks toward the peak, there was a plateau at one point with a steep drop. My 6-year-old grandson, Levi, looked over the edge and exclaimed with passion:

“If I should fall to my death, please tell my story!”

We all forgot about our exhaustion and laughed.  What movie or TV program was he watching when someone said that? Did he just make it up? Either way, it would have been a very short story.

And the laughter brought us new energy to make it to the peak. A story we’ll all enjoy telling for a long time.

That special moment got me thinking again about our life stories—a topic that made up the last chapter of my book, THE HIGH DIVING BOARD: How to Overcome Your Fears and Live Your Dreams. (“Action Hero Birthday Party”)

As your business grows and you begin grossing $10k a month or more, there comes a point when most advisors reach a plateau in their growth.  It has suddenly slowed—or even declined. At that point, you decide to either accept that you may be at your personal peak, or you begin to waste thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on expensive lists, dinner seminars and guru trainings, trying to get your business climbing again.

If you’re okay where you are and you’re happy with the story you’ll be telling about your business at the end of your life, then be at peace with that.

If, however, you’re trying to get your business growing again and nothing you’ve been doing is working, let’s talk about my 90-Day Marketing Tune up, using my Leveraged Relationship method of growing a financial services or insurance business.

What makes this program unique is that instead of trying to create and perfect a whole new marketing process, our new approach starts with a ‘tune up’ and embellishment of what you’re already doing.

You start to grow again and in a matter of months you’ll be at $20K, $30K and more (depending on where you started). We supplement what’s already working and put your relationships with your best clients on steroids.

The story of your life you’ll be telling is one about reaching the peak you’ve been climbing to.

 Want the details?  Contact me and we’ll set up a short conversation about your situation.

And in the meantime, keep climbing…and keep REACHING…

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