Aug 14 2021

The Perfect System

Advisors talk with me about how unhappy they are with their results.

“I’m not seeing enough people,” is one complaint.

“I’ve got more work than I can handle,” is another.

My response is usually something like this:

“You’ve created the perfect system for the results you’re getting. If you’re not happy with the results, you need a different system.”

Twenty years ago, I was heavily in debt.  I had created the perfect system to continue to be in debt forever.  It consisted of spending more than I earned, borrowing on our credit cards to the credit limit, taking amazing vacations (the first-class honeymoon in Rio, the villa in Tuscany, etc.) that we really couldn’t afford, remortgaging our home to squeeze out more equity whenever the credit card debt became impossible to pay, impulse buying, including a Mercedes Benz we couldn’t afford, and so on.

I had created the perfect system to generate debt.  The coach I was working with the day I complained about my debt told me about my perfect system and then asked me, “Would you like to create a system that will get you a different result?”

We worked on creating a system that resulted in our becoming mostly debt-free.  Our credit card debt was completely gone, our credit scores soared, and the only debt I still have is the consolidated college loan I took out for my daughters, which is being paid down.

Not happy with the results you’re getting? It’s because you’ve created the perfect system to get those results.  Change your system and your results will change.

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