Dec 13 2020

The Path

The ideas here and, admittedly, a lot of the language, have been borrowed from my friend, colleague, and sometimes mentor, author Steve Chandler. But they’re completely in line with what I coach advisors on every day:

A lot of advisors have “shiny object” syndrome. They’re continuously pulled away from the prosperous business they want to create. They’re attracted to new ideas that they don’t stick to and do all kinds of activities that don’t help them at all. 

Here’s all you have to remember:

There is a path.  

A path to the creation and growth of what you want to create…A new song? A freshly painted bedroom? A perfect putt? The ability to play Over the Rainbow on the ukulele? The creation of a profitable and fulfilling business? 

There is a path. 

And when you’re not on that path you’re not creating and growing. And when you ARE on the path, you ARE creating and growing.

Sometimes you’ll hit a snag and be tempted to leave the path for awhile. Sometimes you actually will leave and walk another road. 

But the path…is always there. It waits for you. It has no judgment. It will wait decades for you without even noticing you’re gone. 

Sooo….how do you solve this distraction problem that keeps you from the success and prosperity you want?

There’s actually nothing to solve. If you truly want to be on the path and you see that you’ve switched too long to another road, go back to the path.

There is a path.

If you see that you’ve switched for too long to something else, go back to it—that is, if you truly want to create and grow what the Path leads you to. 

Straying is human. If it happens to you and you’re not where you want to be, go back to the path.



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