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The 6 Ps of Creating a Million-Dollar Business

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My colleague, marketing expert Robert Middleton, recently shared his “6 Ps of Getting Out There and Making It Happen”. All of these are important for any advisor who is trying to grow his low six figure business into a high six figure or million-dollar business:

Passion – your personal interest, fascination, and engagement with something in your world.

Purpose – your professional direction and what you really want to achieve with your Passion.

Picturing – visualizing and feeling your aims with all your senses.

Planning – the strategies, tactics, and actions that will get you there.

Practice – building your skills, abilities, and confidence to execute.

Persistence – keeping on keeping on towards your aims, despite setbacks.

Passion, a “burning desire” as Napoleon Hill put it, is the starting point. If you’re okay where you are and not really motivated to do more, there’s nothing you need to do.

Purpose needs to be clear. What’s your “Why”? People who understand why you do what you do will either have a strong desire to work with you – or not. And, of course, if there are enough of those who do, you can accelerate the growth of your business.

Planning is where most advisors lose their way. They think that if what they’ve been doing so far keeps getting them back to the same place, that the only solution is to blow it up and change it completely. But that’s just wrong.

What they need to do is to build on what has worked for them. They need to leverage existing relationships, get absolutely clear about a niche, and narrow their marketing. The plan needs to be built around their Passion, Purpose, and their niche and incorporate what’s already working.

When that’s done, all that’s required is that they Practice and Persist—and their growth will accelerate.

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