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Stop Making Resolutions

Stop Making Resolutions

So, what’s new?

Thanks for subscribing to REACHING… I’m excited about how quickly it has grown and the direction it has taken over just a few years.

I hope you’ll stay with us as we evolve.
Here are some of the changes you’ll discover this year:

Beginning this month, REACHING… will be weekly, instead of monthly. It will be shorter, so you can get more motivation with less reading time, and it will be focused on the challenges of people who want to attract what they desire…more clients, more income, more time to enjoy life, etc.

We’ve suspended the “Members Only” Bulletin Board because not enough of you wanted to air your challenges on the Internet. I’m working, instead, on a Blog that will incorporate the weekly issues of this e-letter and your comments.I hope you enjoy the changes, and that you keep…well, you know!



Check out my new website and find the FREE STUFF tab. There are some useful tools to help you grow. Play with them and let me know if you found any of them helpful.While you’re there, find out more about the different ways you can be coached and my guarantee.

Start The New Year Off Right
This is the time of year that health club owners and managers love. Thousands of people sign up for a year of getting in shape.

The owners know that by February, most of those people will have stopped coming on a regular basis, but they’ll continue to pay on their contracts throughout the year.

How do they know that? Because most of those January memberships are the result of New Year’s Resolutions that are seldom kept.

Instead of making resolutions you won’t keep, set goals.

What’s the difference? A resolution is generally something you decide you want because you should do it. Usually, trying to do it is all you’re really promising yourself. You don’t bother writing it down and you don’t tell too many people about it. You don’t develop a specific plan of action to reach it and you don’t get a coach or someone else to help keep you on track. The only one you’re accountable to is…you. And most of us are not particularly good at holding ourselves accountable.

For several weeks, you’re the amazing “Athletic Woman.” You’re up early every morning to run your two miles. You have nothing to eat in the house but healthy foods, and you’re dropping pounds and building muscle tone like crazy. Then, one rainy morning, you wake up in the chilly darkness and decide to let it go for a day. The oatmeal box is empty, so you find an egg and some flour and make some pancakes. The maple syrup comes out from the back of the pantry and–“Couch Potato Woman” has come home! Why? You made a resolution to get into shape.

A goal, on the other hand, is something you want to accomplish. It’s not something you want to try—you are going to do it. You write it down with details, just as you see them in your mind. You write down how miserable you’ll feel if you don’t succeed. You tell as many supportive people about it as you can. You develop a plan of action that you stick to. And you get help from a family member or friend, or better still, from a coach trained to help you with every step of the process.

Do you want to try to change something in your life, or do you want to do it? Don’t make resolutions—set goals. Develop a plan to reach those goals and get help to stay on track until you’ve created new habits that stick. Contact me for a complimentary coaching session to help you get started.

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