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Sandy Interviews Top Of The Table Veteran, Bhupinder Anand

Sandy Interviews Top Of The Table Veteran Bhupinder Anand, Microphone

London advisor, Bhupinder Anand, has been a Top of the Table member for 19 years. He is a top advisor in the UK, a world-renowned speaker, and advisor trainer. 

Five years into his career, after learning and applying ideas he received from other MDRT members, he began his rise to Court of the Table and then to the Top. 

Bhupinder shares the things that make him successful: his discussion of “financial architecture,” his love for what he does, his devotion to being different and using words that help sales, rather than causes advisors to lose them, and his devotion to serving, rather than selling.  

You can find the YouTube recording of our interview here:

You can also listen to or download the podcast version of the interview here.

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Listen carefully to Bhupinder’s advice, and KEEP REACHING

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