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Please Help Me Give You What You Want

Please Help Me Give You What You Want

I’m grateful that my e-letter is now read by subscribers all over the world.


I’ve discussed changing careers with a woman in South Africa and fears about taking a service business to the next level with a retired teacher in Australia.


But as my list has grown, I’ve noticed that I’m only guessing what my readers were looking for when they signed up for this e-letter.


Do you want more motivational ideas and ways to overcome fear and get what you want in life?


Do you want more ideas for getting and keeping clients?


Help me out by telling me how I can best help you. Take the brief (6-question) survey at this link:

Click Here

I promise I’ll read every answer and, at the end of the survey, I’ll provide a link to a “Thank You” gift: your choice of either a link to a recording of an audio teleconference entitled, “What do YOU do?” or a link to the e-book version of my book “Success and Happiness: Leading Experts Reveal Their Secrets.”


Until next week, keep REACHING…




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