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Make an Offer, and Let Them Say “No”

Thirty years ago, I needed lifesaving surgery.  I worked hard to find out who the surgeons with the best reputations were, and then I made separate appointments with each of three doctors who had been most highly recommended.

The first surgeon I met with did not impress me one way or another.  The second told me exactly what the problem was, what he could do, and when he could do it.  When he started to schedule the surgery, I interrupted him to tell him I still had one more surgeon to see before I locked anything down.  “You’re going to see another surgeon?” he asked with incredulity.  “All right, you know where to find me.”

That attitude—“you’ve come to the person who should be doing this for you; why would you need to look elsewhere?”—stuck with me when I visited the third surgeon, who was nowhere near as self-assured.  I ended up going back to the second surgeon…and he saved my life.

To be clear, Surgeon Number Two’s inquiry hadn’t come across as arrogant—he had seemed genuinely surprised that I’d waste my time with another doctor when he’d already made his offer to me.  It also didn’t seem to matter to him if I said “no”.  In his mind, it would have been my own misfortune.

How quickly would your business or practice grow if you could approach the offers you make like this surgeon approached his?

A friend and coaching colleague of mine, Rich Litvin, reminded me about a scene in the movie Vicky Christina Barcelona, in which Juan Antonio (played by Javier Bardem) makes a proposal to two women at once:


Juan Antonio: Well, I’d like to invite you both to come with me to Oviedo.

Vicky: To come where?

Juan Antonio: To Oviedo. For the weekend. We leave in one hour. …

Vicky: Oh, right. You’re asking us to fly to Oviedo and back.

Juan Antonio: Mmmm. No, we’ll spend the weekend. I mean, I’ll show you around the city, and we’ll eat well. We’ll drink good wine. We’ll make love.

Vicky: Yeah, who exactly is going to make love?

Juan Antonio: Hopefully, the three of us.

Juan Antonio makes an offer to the women, with confidence, and it doesn’t really matter to him whether they accept or not.  We get the feeling that Juan makes pitches like this often, and that there are plenty of “yes”s among the “no”s he receives.

Make all of your offers like Juan Antonio—or, more appropriately, like Surgeon Number Two—and ultimately, your business will flourish.

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