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Let Them Bring Their Blankets…

9-year old Hank was staying with his grandparents.  A short time after everyone went to bed, Hank was at his grandfather’s bedside.

 “Grandpa, I can’t sleep” he said, “I’m scared of the dark…the shadows.”

 “Go back to sleep,” his grandfather said to him, without sympathy.  “There’s nothing there to be scared of.” 

 But Hank couldn’t go back to sleep.  “I’m still scared,” he complained, and went to the other side of the bed to wake his grandmother. 

As grandmas do, Hank’s grandmother had a creative solution. “Bring your pillow and blanket in here,” she told him, and in a few minutes Hank was sound asleep on the floor near his grandparents’ bed.

 Jerry knew that there was no reason for Hank to be scared. Those same trees outside had been casting shadows in the bedroom Hank was staying in for most of the twenty years he and his wife had owned this home. But Hank was scared anyway.

 A few days later, Jerry woke up with a start in the middle of the night.  His mind was racing about things he hadn’t done, bills he hadn’t paid, thoughts that he might not be bringing in enough money, and other “shadows,” and he couldn’t go back to sleep.  As he tossed and turned, he realized that there was nothing real scaring him—those same concerns had been around for more than ten years since he started his insurance business, and they always passed, but he couldn’t help being afraid.

“I should have been more sympathetic to Hank,” Jerry told me, “because his fear, like mine, wasn’t based on anything real, but neither one of us could help feeling it—and it kept both of us from sleeping. My wife got creative for Hank and got him to sleep.”

 Jerry’s story reminded me of those prospective clients with whom we become impatient–the ones who are afraid to commit, or who say “yes” and then become frightened and back off.  Yet patience—and maybe a little creativity—might be just what they need to bring their blankets into the room.

Instead of being impatient, try some creativity:  Offer them an opportunity to try out your service in some way;  suggest that they get the paperwork started and that you’ll hold it for a few days. Depending on your business, there’s always some creative solution and sometimes, with your help and understanding, they’ll bring their blankets into the room.

Contact me today and I’ll help you get your creativity flowing, and in the meantime, keep REACHING…


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