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It’s not just about what you’re DOing. Who are you BEing?

If you’re a financial or insurance professional looking to grow your business, you’ve probably been enticed to buy somebody’s system—to learn how they became successful and do all of the same things they do.

For some advisors, this may have worked to help you achieve substantial growth.

But a great number of advisors find that even though they’re doing exactly what they were taught, they’re not getting anywhere near the same results.

If that’s the case for you, you’ve probably thought that the systems or strategies you’ve studied and implemented just don’t work for you or in your community or market.

But why would they work somewhere else and for other people in other communities and markets and not for you and yours?

Maybe the thing that isn’t working has nothing to do with what you’re DOing, and everything to do with who you’re BEing when you do it.

The system, strategy or language you’ve learned works. The proof is in the success that your mentor has had with it, as well as in the success of the many people who have learned it from them.

But part of the reason it worked for them comes from who they are being.

It’s not just their system, but the intensely focused action they are able to take every day using it.

It’s not just the words they use, but the belief and passion behind those words.

Author James Clear explains it like this: You’ve taken the juicy red apple off someone else’s tree and pasted it on your own, expecting that it will be the same. And that definitely can work, if your tree is healthy.

Does that mean that you have to create your own system in order to be successful? NO.

But it means that you may have to change who you’re being when you use it…to be, think, act, and speak from a place inside you that’s more like theirs.

If you could clear away your underlying fears, limiting beliefs about yourself, the industry, and the world in general, and your disempowering thoughts about your work, so that you’re being more like them, you’ll start working at the same level and intensity of focused action that made their system work for them and you’ll start getting the results that they get.

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