It’s Not a Secret

It’s Not a Secret

Last Christmas, I sent some of my clients a video produced in Australia called The Secret, based on a book by Rhonda Byrne. At the time, the book and video were still pretty much a secret.

About a month ago, Oprah discovered The Secret, and now the stores can’t keep the book or the video in stock. But as is true with so many of the success principles that are being repackaged daily in new books, the ideas in The Secret–though powerful–are not new.

The secret of The Secret is that there is a law as fundamental as the law of gravity-the Law of Attraction. The basis for this “Law” is that thoughts are things. When you’re thinking about something you want, the thoughts are going out into the Universe and creating that thing for you.

If you (1) ASK the universe for something-expressing your desire loudly and clearly-and you continue to focus on it, and you (2) BELIEVE that it will come to you, you will (3) RECEIVE it.

This is not a new idea-or a secret only great people know. It’s just great packaging of a powerful self-help concept that I have been coaching clients to accept for years, particularly where growing their businesses or improving their careers are concerned. In 1935, in Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill wrote:

What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

But as Napoleon Hill makes clear in his book and as I’ve seen the “law” work, there’s another element that is currently being glossed over-the need to take action. Every one of the famous, rich, powerful people mentioned in The Secret took action on his or her desire. They found-and I teach my clients-that it is not enough to ask and believe, no matter how focused and intense you are.
You need to have a plan of action and act on that plan.

I have seen the Law of Attraction work hundreds of times for me, and for my clients-but not simply because they wished more business into the office, or believed that the telephone will ring. Wishing and believing accompanied by action, however, works!

The proof that there is something to The Secret is that many of the clients who have had success in attracting what they want into their businesses, and into their lives, received it from a different source than the one they were pursuing.

In my book, The High Diving Board, I tell the story of my flight from Princeton, New Jersey to Santa Rosa, California to try to convince an author I admired to let me work for him. It did not work out. But while I was out in California, I received a call from NYU’s Marketing and Management Institute, inviting me to come teach a course to entrepreneurs. This could have only happened if I (1) ASKED the universe for what I wanted, (2) BELIEVED it would happen somehow, and (3) TOOK ACTION of some kind to get it.

If you’d like to learn how to attract more business, contact me to learn about how coaching can help you have it. In the meantime, until you’re ready to work with a coach, keep REACHING