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Happy Independence Day weekend!


Wishing you a Happy Independence Day weekend!

While I’m pleased how many different countries my followers are from, as you might suspect, the great majority are Americans.

Some are Republicans, some are Democrats. Some are liberals, some are conservatives. Some are male, female, white, black, straight, gay, elderly or  young. Some are of European, Hispanic, Indian, Asian,  or Filipino descent. Some are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu,  or Buddhist, and some have no religion. 

All have one thing in common.  They are Americans…and they love this country. 

As we celebrate the creation of this experiment in republican democracy still going strong after over 240 years, we can focus on its challenges—coronavirus, racism, economic disparity, a government crippled by deep-rooted partisanship, etc. Or we can focus on the fact that we’ll be celebrating our very right to disagree about how to address these problems. I hope you’re focusing on the latter.

Wishing all my fellow Americans a Happy July 4th.

Stay safe, stay healthy…and keep REACHING



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