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If That’s How You Treat Me, How Can I Send My Friend?

If That’s How You Treat Me, How Can I Send My Friend?

A few years ago, Eric, one of my non-advisor clients, asked me to refer him to an advisor who could help him get more life insurance.   I happened to have just started working with a husband-wife advisory team in Eric’s state, Andrea and Michael.

I told Eric about them, and he asked me to arrange an introduction to Andrea, who did most of the insurance. I left a phone message for her, but she did not return my call. I e-mailed her to tell her that I wanted to talk with her about a possible client for her and Michael. She did not respond to the e-mail.

I knew that Andrea and Michael were overwhelmed—it’s the reason they consulted me in the first place.  But by choosing other work over responding to my communications, Andrea and her husband lost a new client—as well as a referral source.

I can’t say with certainty that Eric would have ended up working with Andrea and Michael. Maybe not. But I wasn’t comfortable suggesting to Eric that he call them directly. It would be exposing him to the possibility that his call wouldn’t be returned either. Or, maybe Andrea would finally return his call while he was a prospect for her business, but once he was a client, his calls and e-mails would be ignored, as mine were.

Great communication with prospects and people in your network is essential to the growth of your business, no matter who reaches out to you or how busy or overwhelmed you are.  

After working with me for a few months Andrea and Michael were no longer overwhelmed. I helped them hire a second assistant and systemize and organize their work in such a way that they felt good about growing their business again. And they became incredibly good communicators.  Today, I would not hesitate to refer someone to them.  And they are getting more referrals than ever.

If I can help you manage your financial services or insurance business better, so that you can get more clients without putting in more time, contact me.

In the meantime, keep REACHING…

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