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Identify Your Personal Roadblocks

Road blocks are frustrating

You’re a talented, knowledgeable—even successful–advisor. But your business isn’t where you want it to be because you’re getting in your own way.

Which of these personal roadblocks applies to you?

  1. You’re a Perfectionist – you hold back from taking action until things are 100% perfect. So, you never get to achieve at the level highest level you’re capable of reaching.
  2. You’re a People Pleaser – you’re great at giving to others—even at your own expense—but you rarely accept the help you need to accomplish something bigger.
  3. You’re a Performer – you don’t know how to switch off, so you’re on all the time and it exhausts you. You want to achieve something extraordinary, but your energy is spent, so it isn’t going to happen.
  4. You’re a Feeler -You believe that it’s natural that your daily activity depends on how you feel, rather than on taking necessary required actions regardless of your emotions.
  5. You’re an Information Junkie – you’re an expert who spends a great deal of time and effort researching and studying in service of your work,but you don’t act on it to really put it out in the world.
  6. You’re Paralyzed by Fear – you’re so good at scanning the horizon for danger that you constantly run on adrenaline. You’re held back by self-doubt and lack of confidence.
  7. You’re a YESer – you don’t want to say no to any of the amazing options people place in front of you, so you’re spread so thin that you never really make the impact that you wanted to make.
  8. You have “shiny object syndrome” – before you’re done with one new method of managing your practice or prospecting, you find another new method and start to implement it. As a result, you rarely get any one thing to work for you.
  9. You’re suffering from “imposter syndrome” – you don’t believe you’re bringing value to people and you live in fear that they’ll find that you’re a fake and fraud.

Every week I talk with otherwise successful producers, planners and advisors who tell me they want to learn HOW TO do better, or that they’ve lost–and are seeking–MOTIVATION.

But they don’t really need more information on the “how to”—they need to take action to apply the information they already have. And they’re not likely to find motivation—inspiration—anywhere. A great motivational or inspirational talk can often pump you up for a few days, but then you’re back where you started.

What they need is insight. They need to see what is holding them back and then to work to overcome it. Insights lead to great ideas, new strategies, greater possibilities and greater motivation.

You can see your challenges for yourself and work on them, but it will be easier and faster with a good coach in your corner. If I can help, set up a time to talk with me. In the meantime, keep REACHING


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