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I really want to do this, BUT…

Last Friday, I was offered an opportunity to use the services of a coach who has had significant success, to help me move my practice to the next stage.

I’m happy with how my practice has grown over the years and pleased that many of my clients have had great results with the formulas I’ve taught them and helped them implement. As a coach, I recognize the importance of coaches having coaches. And this was an offer from someone who could help me do what I want to do with my practice.

To accept this offer, I had to make two decisions:

(1) Commit to spending a substantial amount of money I might otherwise be able to use to help with college loan repayments and some other large anticipated expenses; and

(2) Commit to doing some important soul-searching work on my business, on top of a full schedule of work with individuals and groups I already do in my business.

I’ve felt for some time that I’m ready for this next step, BUT…
I didn’t say “yes” immediately.

After I hung up the phone, I sat back and began to laugh. I had just experienced a moment I refer to in my book, The High Diving Board, as a “But Monster” moment.

“I really want to do this, BUT…”

Was I afraid the help I had been discussing wasn’t worth the money? No, I’m fairly certain this will work.

Well, then what was I afraid of? I reminded myself of Step Five of the Ten Steps to Overcoming Your Fears, in which I ask readers to explore their fears and where I talk about the Seven Paralyzing Fears:

1. Fear of failing
2. Fear of being embarrassed
3. Fear of making a mistake—committing to the wrong thing
4. Fear of being rejected/alone/an outcast
5. Fear of climbing too high; that we don’t deserve to live our dreams
6. Fear that we’re not ready or capable, that we’re in some way inadequate
7. Fear of success

Two of these jumped out at me: fear of making a mistake and fear that I wasn’t ready yet.

“What if this is the wrong decision?
“Should I wait until… ?”

I had identified the enemy. Knowing what was holding me back, I was now prepared to allow myself to continue to be afraid, but to recognize that if this is something I really want, I just have to do it anyway.

I made the commitments.

One of the joys of my work is that I get to help my clients make decisions like these all the time. At the moment, I only have room in my schedule for two more one-on-one telephone clients, so I’ve had the bittersweet job of turning away people recently if it didn’t appear they were ready to make serious commitments of their own. If you’re serious about getting help to grow your practice or business, contact me and we’ll see if it makes sense to get you started now.

In the meantime, keep REACHING…

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