I disappeared quietly…

I’ve been inspired to write this today by my daughter, Madeline. I just posted it to Facebook.

While there are people who don’t want to know about all your trials and tribulations, Madeline told me, there are also people who would feel badly if you excluded them from the important things in your life—good or bad.

And some, she continued, might just find some comfort in a share about something that makes their own lives seem pretty good.

At the beginning of October, I abruptly stopped writing my Blog and e-letters. I stopped posting on LinkedIn. I stopped regularly posting on Facebook and on my pages.

I had just started working on my biggest coaching challenge in years when an oncologist confirmed that I did, indeed, have cancer again—for the third time. The prescribed treatment included 42 daily radiation sessions and injections. My life was consumed with travel to and from the hospital waiting to be strapped down for those treatments. I didn’t want to blow the new coaching assignment, so that (and being with my family) was my only other focus for the next several months.

But I didn’t share all of that. I didn’t want to put it in the faces of Facebook friends and my e-letter “family”, many of whom probably didn’t want it in their faces. I didn’t want to see little teary-eyed or angry emojis. So…I disappeared quietly.

My first blood test last month was a zero. Never was a zero on a test more welcome.

I’m sharing this today because Madeline may be right. Maybe a friend who didn’t know about it will feel better that they heard it from me. And maybe, by sharing the story of my struggle, I can make someone feel better about his or her life.

You tell me.

For as long as I’m able I’ll help people get what they want in business and in life, and together we’ll keep REACHING…