I Could Close Anyone, If Only…

I doubt that it’s true when professionals say to me, “I could close anyone, if I only had enough people to see,” or “Anyone who comes into the office becomes a client…I just can’t get enough people in.”

ANYONE? Well, suppose I accept that proposition.  What keeps them from having enough people to see?

Before we spend money on expensive advertising and public relations, most of us would benefit from looking down the Four Avenues of Client Attraction:

  • The People We Know Already
  • The People We Meet
  • Referrals
  • Targeted (Guerrilla) Marketing

Next week, I’ll be offering a complimentary teleconference-webinar program providing tips and ideas for the third avenue above, Referrals. I urge anyone who reads this to join me—whether or not you’re interested in the 10-week teleconference-webinar program I’m introducing that night.

So, what I’d like to focus on here is the first of these Avenues, The People We Know Already.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve received a “no” answer when I asked a group this simple question:

“Is everyone you know aware of exactly what you do?”

Fred, an experienced financial advisor who had moved his practice almost exclusively into the Retirement Planning market told me he was embarrassed when Rich, someone he knew from one of the many local organizations he was in, introduced him to a lunch companion as “my insurance agent.”  Fred had attended dozens of meetings with Rich and never told him that four years before he had changed the focus of his practice.

The people we know already include clients and non-clients.  Depending on the relationship, a formal announcement, a “warm letter” or e-mail, or a phone call is in order for all of them when we start a new professional career, change the focus of our career, or change firm affiliations.

Start with creating a record of everyone you know and categorizing them.  Then develop an appropriate campaign to keep them informed.  If you’d like help in developing your campaign, contact me and ask for a People We Know Consultation.

In the meantime, keep REACHING…