Apr 05 2020

Growing Your Practice in This Troubled Time

We’re all faced with the terror brought on by the coronavirus and the inability to meet with clients and prospects in person, coupled with the fears of a significant recession. These challenges certainly make it difficult to retain clients, and the idea of bringing new clients may seem like climbing Mt. Everest.  

But, ironically, this is a time when clients and prospects need you—maybe more than ever—and an opportunity to create a virtual part of your practice that will continue to work for you long after the current challenges are history.

Over the past two weeks, I hosted two discussions about maintaining and growing your practice in the face of the current challenges. Each of these discussions was attended by a dozen or so advisors who contributed their ideas. In the first the discussion, the focus was more on serving existing clients. In the second, the focus turned to bringing in new business virtually. The links to the recordings of these discussions are here:

First Discussion:

Second Discussion:

Please reach out if there’s any way I might be able to help you with the challenges of working virtually in this environment.  Use my online calendar.