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Go Narrow and Deep

In my past life, I was a lawyer in my own successful practice.

At first, I loved it.  People hate lawyers, but they love their own—and my clients loved me as much as I loved them.

Eventually, though, I grew to hate my career choice and the way I was practicing more and more—so many things to know, so many things to do, so many deadlines, so much stress and pressure.  Finally, my health gave out and my life became about fighting cancer and complications that I was certain came from all that stress.

Years later, I came to understand what I had done wrong…

I had tried to help everyone and do everything they needed me to do.  I was representing clients in business deals, real estate closings, litigation of every type, family law, municipal law, employment law, workers compensation, Customs—you name it, and I did it. And because I spread myself so thin, there wasn’t enough of any one thing to make it repeatable and make hiring additional help practical.

It became obvious to me that saying YES to everything was exactly what was wrong with the way I had done business, and what contributed to the stress that broke me.  To top it off, not having a focus on one ideal client with one specific need had me constantly hunting for new clients.

All I would have had to do to reduce my hours and my stress and increase my income was to choose one ideal client and offer one primary service–to go narrow and deep.

I would have had a marketing message that would be aimed at that target and easy to present.  I would have been able to put systems in place to support my one primary service so that every new case could be easily managed.

Every day now I talk with financial or insurance professionals making the same mistakes—doing everything for everyone, not choosing an ideal client, and a primary service to build their business around.  Not paying enough attention to existing clients they could replicate.

These advisors learned early to work with anyone with a wallet and pulse. It got their business started and they kept doing it because it worked.  But there is a limit to how scalable that approach is, and when their business stops growing, they feel stuck.

So, they start buying leads, doing expensive dinner seminars, and paying for expensive new strategies and systems that don’t usually bring them that breakthrough they want.

An advisor who has brought his business past the $10,000 monthly gross barrier and is stuck on a plateau doesn’t need to spend a dime on these expensive marketing programs. He (or she) already knows what to do. He needs a marketing tune up. He needs to work on his existing relationships to go to a much deeper level and to choose a single ideal client and one service for that client, and to build all his marketing around that client and service.

That’s why I offer two advisors each month an opportunity to work with me on a 90-Day Marketing Tune Up.  The discounted fee comes back to them hundreds of times over the course of their career.

If you’d like to talk about whether this program would work for you, reach out today.

If you’re not ready to rock your world, at least keep REACHING…

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