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Go ahead-Ask Me Something

Today I’m answering a call for help from a long-time subscriber to my e-letter. His e-mail got me to thinking: Maybe more readers have specific challenges and issues I can help them with by writing a response.

Can I help you with a specific kind of motivation? With a question about your business? With a decision? Message me and let me provide some coaching.

Here are my promises to you:

  • I’ll respond, whether or not your response gets posted.
  • I’ll respect your privacy. You’ll have the choice of putting in real information about you, including a link to your business or practice, or having your identity protected.  We can even make up a name for  you.
  • If I can’t help, I’ll recommend someone I think might be able to or something for you to read or watch.

Get some help for yourself, and help others by sharing. Just ask…and keep REACHING…


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