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Focus on What you Have and Give Thanks

Focus on What you Have and Give Thanks

Fifteen years ago tomorrow, my Thanksgiving dinner was homebaked bread-not because I loved bread, but because I couldn’t digest anything else.

I had lived through a horrific automobile accident, a diagnosis of colon cancer and the news that it had started to spread, two major abdominal surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and a near death episode brought on by complications. I weighed 112 pounds. I was disabled. We were bankrupt. But I had my family, and…I was alive. There was a great deal to be bitter about then, but much more to be thankful for.

Fifteen years later, what I have to be thankful for has grown exponentially. I am healthy, and doing work I love. I have lived fifteen more years than I thought I would. I’ve been able to be there to teach my daughters to ride their bicycles, and to see their softball games and their school plays. I have been able to help them through college and watch them grow into beautiful, intelligent, caring young women.

And...I have You. Some of you have been reading this e-letter since its inception, encouraging me and thanking me for helping you with your perspective. We can all find things in our lives to focus on about which we’re angry or sad or disappointed. But for tomorrow, at least, when my American friends and I celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s focus on all of the wonders that are in our lives, instead of wondering why they’re not better than they are.

Thank you for being there. Be happy for what you have, but always keep REACHING…

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