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Even Engineers Sell

Even Engineers Sell

“I’m an engineer, Sandy, not a salesman,” my client Ted pleaded, “Why do you insist on talking about sales?”

“Ted,” I asked, “there are a lot of engineers who do what you do out there. Why do clients choose you?”

“Wait, that’s not fair,” Ted exclaimed. “You answered my question with a question.”

“This is part of coaching,” I explained. “I help you get the answers for yourself.”

“Okay, then,” he responded. “My clients choose me because I convince them I can do the best job and save them money besides.”

“That’s great, Ted,” I told him. “How do you convince prospective clients of those two things?”

Although we were talking on the telephone, I could imagine the sheepish grin that was growing on Ted’s face. He knew that his next words would have something to do with sales. There was a long silence, finally broken by Ted with “Okay. I get it.” I do-I’ve been selling my services all along, haven’t I?”

“Yes,” I replied. “That’s why you need to know the best ways to do these parts of your business.”

Ted didn’t think he was selling, because the picture in his head of someone who sells is the guy in the loud plaid jacket on the used car lot.

But professionals sell-whether to prospective clients or to prospective employers. They just sell professionally, and can always do better if they have some good training and coaching.

Sales of professional services of any kind involve three distinct skill sets:

Asking great questions.
Listening to the answers
Sharing stories

When I explained these to Ted, he was surprised. “What about closing?” he asked. “Isn’t that the most important skill in sales?”

In professional sales, I told him, closing is simply asking the client if he wants to get started. Ted was ready to start his journey in professional sales.

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