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“Do you want to be great?”

This question usually perplexes clients and they respond with a question like “What do you mean by that?” Engaging in a conversation about their own greatness, they think, would be a sign of arrogance or narcissism, and they do not want to appear “that way.”

But most of us want to be great. We don’t want to live “ordinary” lives. We want to be remembered for something. Why aren’t we admitting our desires and moving towards greatness?

Maybe we’re afraid. Maybe we’ve been conditioned not to assert ourselves or admit this deepest of desires. Maybe it’s too much work, difficulty or responsibility.

And it is true that if you seek greatness, there will be difficult times. Success in any worthwhile endeavor comes through hard work and persistence in the face of great difficulty.

Dare to be great! And let me help you achieve it.



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