What’s Your “Default Future”?

I know we’re in the middle of a heat wave throughout the United States, but I couldn’t help thinking of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol this week.  Ebenezer Scrooge would have died a lonely, miserable man with no one to say a kind word on his behalf…if something unexpected hadn’t happened.  In his case, that something unexpected was a ghostly encounter with his past, his present, and his future.

Every day I see professionals who are struggling to get beyond their current earnings, or pace of growth, or sense of being overwhelmed; yet, when I ask them, “What are you doing to change this?” they tell me “Nothing,” or “I can’t afford to hire the help I need,” or “I’m waiting until I have some more money saved”.

I particularly like this last response, because when I then ask, “How much money are you putting away weekly to address your problem?” the answer is almost always, “I haven’t started saving yet”.

So they struggle on—but they haven’t yet asked themselves one critical question:

“What is likely to happen if nothing unexpected comes along?”

In other words, what will their “default future” be?  If they aren’t currently making an investment in training or coaching or consulting—in some form of additional help—then what will change?  Seven years from now, will the sole practitioner attorney who is barely making ends meet be any better off?  Or will he have taken a job in a small firm that pays too little, because it was “too hard” to do any better?

Will the financial advisor who did not seem to be able to grow his practice beyond its current level suddenly have a huge clientele?  Or will he still be in the same place?

Will the engineer who was feeling overwhelmed by his work all at once be stress free?  Or will he be seeing a cardiologist for the damage that years of stress have caused him?

If nothing unexpected comes along, what will your future look like?

Take a minute to imagine it…

Now, imagine what you want it to look like…

Which future you end up with is based on the choices you make today.  You can have your “default future”, if that’s acceptable to you, or you can choose to have the one you want.

Don’t wait for the ghosts to appear.  MAKE “something unexpected” happen, and then learn to expect it—of yourself, and of those who are there to help you.  Change up the routine that is getting you nowhere, and implement one that will make your future bright.

Choose your spirits, and make them present.  Choose my help, and we’ll start to build the future you want today.

Keep cool, and keep REACHING…