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Happy 4th of July!

This is the day that we in the United States celebrate the declaration of our independence from the rule of King George of Great Britain.

And while we celebrate with flags and parades and fireworks today, tomorrow or next week we go back to our lives and find ourselves less than independent.

If you’re a “captive” advisor, you go back to work believing that you work for your branch or regional manager.  If you’re an ‘independent’ advisor, how firmly you’re bound to a general agent or IMO depends on who it is, and what your perception is.

But you can declare your independence, too!  Most captive advisors get it wrong—you do not work for your manager. He (or she) works for you. His job is to support you and help you succeed, which, in turn, increases his income.

So, you can say NO to weekly “team” meetings that don’t benefit you.  And to helping out struggling advisors when it’s not convenient. And to prospecting projects that don’t work for you. And you can focus on your business the way you want to focus on it.

When a captive client has this conversation with me, I ask him whether the company’s top producers are participating in things they’re not interested in.  In almost every case, I’m told that top producers have somehow exempted themselves.

Declare your independence and become a top producer.

Don’t get me wrong, you can certainly help struggling advisors, but not at the cost of your own business. Your needs must come first.  It’s like on a plane—your oxygen mask needs to go on first before you put one on someone else.

If you’re already independent, do what you need to do to be really independent.  Work on becoming an RIA if that’s a way to make you independent.  Find a way to be able to write for dozens of companies. Become your own source of leads.

Spend 15 minutes with me this month on your independence, and give yourself another reason to celebrate.

And always keep REACHING

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